90 Minute Brand Audit with Written Report

Together we'll do an audit of your messaging, website, visual branding, marketing touch points (email funnels, social media, public speaking, webinars, etc) and your user experience to identify weak points and create a plan for a more magnetic brand that attracts your ideal clients and wows them at every turn. You'll receive a typed report on areas to improve in addition to a recording of the session. 

*After purchasing, I'll send you a brand questionnaire and a link to schedule your session.

4 Month Business Coaching + Healing Mentorship

Turn your healing journey into the platform for passionate service + purposeful work. Unlock the power in your personal journey and use it to serve the world. The world is waiting for you to share all that you've been given - let's pave the path to make it happen.

Come home to yourself, enliven your body, balance your hormones, and create inner equanimity in your mind and heart. Essential oils are mama earth's precious gift to the senses. And through the doorway of the senses we bring the body into harmony, activate our inner capacity for self healing, and uplift our vibrational frequency to show up to life feeling more centered, more powerful, and more present. Whether you're interested in integrating into your daily self care rituals to up-level your wellness routine or you're curious about how you may begin to share these powerful beauties as a wellness leader, come inside and take a look around.

doterra Business Opportunity