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Stress is the leading cause of hormonal imbalances because your body being in a state of “fight and flight” leads to high cortisol levels, chronic inflammation, blood sugar imbalances and liver stress – all of which contribute to hormonal imbalances.  All healing and repair happens in the relaxation response. During this module, I'll share my favorite practices for rewiring the nervous system, nourishing the adrenals, and replenishing our reserves.

Assignment #1: Ground Yourself with essential oils and self massage 

Aromatherapy is an extremely therapeutic natural remedy.  The aromatic plant compounds have inherent medicinal value.  Aromatherapy and self massage are wonderful tools to ground back into the present experience of the body through conscious self-care rituals. Add 6-12 drops of essential oil to 1 oz of carrier oil like unroasted sesame and sunflower oil for a relaxing self massage.  In Ayurveda this practice is referred to as Abhyanga and it is one of the more effective practices for balancing hormones, and overcoming depression, and fatigue.  Even just a foot and hand, and arm massage is a great way to sneak in this practice each day.

It is best to use essential oils according to the time of day and the energetic qualities that you would like to invoke.  

Curious about my favorite oils to balance the appetite, relieve depression, nourish the nervous system and balance your feminine hormones? Email me and I'll share my favorites based on your constitution and the current state of your mind, body & spirit. 

Assignment #2: Unplug from technology and attune to nature one day every week

Another way to relax, unwind, and nourish your nervous system is by spending time in nature.

In our modern society, we become attuned to the electromagnetic frequency of the technology that surrounds us and we lose connection to that of the heart.  Nature allows us to slow down and ground enough in order re-attune.  Ditch your digital devices for one day a week and rewire your nervous system, re-connecting with the sacred beauty, the slower pace, and the rhythmic flow.  Immerse yourself in fresh air and sunshine and spend some time near a water source if possible. Use this day to replenish and restore.