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Embodied Leadership Circle

A sanctuary for purpose-driven women


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Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Embodiment in Sisterhood

You're a world-changing woman who wants to light a fire. Instead, you spend your days struggling to find so much as a spark.

As women, we are designed to thrive in sisterhood. We aren't meant to be lone warriors, expanding our impact and living our mission in solitude. If you crave deep connection, authentic visibility, and meaningful impact, then you're in the right place. Together, we'll explore what it looks like to embody our values, walk our talk, and be the change we wish to see in the world. Each month, we'll explore a new theme and reflect on what it looks like to deeply embody it in our relationships, self care, and work. We'll grow, transform, heal, and expand our impact in a meaningful, aligned, and expansive way.


Each Month You'll Receive:


(1) 30-minute Private Laser Coaching session each month - Together we'll clarify your monthly intention and uncover the aligned action to get you where you want to go.


A Supportive Sisterhood of Soulful Purpose-Driven Women - Ask for feedback, support others, open conversations about collaboration and co-creation in our Private Facebook Group

1 small-group Video Mastermind call each month - We'll show up to support one another in a focused and organized format.  Groups will have a maximum of 10 people.

A Monthly theme/focus -  Each month we'll take a deep dive into a particular theme. We'll reflect on what it looks like to truly embody it in our work, relationships, and self-care. You'll receive recommended resources, rituals, & reflections to allow for full integration and embodiment.

New and Full Moon Practices to Manifest with the Lunar Cycles - we'll begin to create more inner harmony, flow and manifestation in our lives by honoring the moon cycles with rhythm + ritual 


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