Are you aching for more abundance, freedom and sisterhood?

This is your invitation.

15 years ago, drowning in an ongoing struggle with depression, severe hormonal imbalance, depression, and disordered eating, I stumbled upon the magic of the natural world - whole foods, herbal remedies to support the adrenals and liver, and essential oils to restore equanimity in the body, heart and mind. Raised in the woods and rivers, finding solace in nature felt so obvious, and yet for years I was overlooking the simple potency of natural remedies on my own healing journey.

If you too have discovered the healing power in these little bottles of magic, I'd love to have you on my leadership team. Together we have the opportunity to share the wisdom of natural healing, support one another in sisterhood, and rise to authentic and embodied leadership within a company culture that values hope, healing, and financial freedom.

To join the team, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click this link: 
  2. Click Join & Save at the top of the page.
  3. Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
  4. If asked, select the shipping option for your country or closest to where you live.
  5. Select Wellness Advocate (not Wholesale Customer) to get the same generous discount on your oils as we do.
  6. Enter your personal information and social security number or tax information if asked.
  7. At Enroller id, make sure my number 3382621 is displayed then click verify to see my name, Jessie Kuehn.
  8. Choose a password.
  9. Purchasing a kit waives the $35 enrollment fee and is the smartest way to join. The most popular kit and the kit that I recommend is the Home Essentials Kit. If you just want to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will appear for you to select it. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you’re not enrolling with a kit.
  10. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
  11. Once your payment processes, you’ll be asked whether you want to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order. This is voluntary, however, if you’re looking at exploring the business opportunity, a monthly order is essential so you can get paid commissions. If you’re simply interested in being a customer, you’ll love the LRP for the free product incentives! If you enrolled with the Essential Collection, or the Home Essentials Kit, we suggest adding the Mood Management oils to your LRP order for the following month. If you decide to go ahead and set this up, select a date — preferably between the 2nd and 7th of next month and you’ll receive a FREE oil from doTERRA if your order reaches 125PV or more. To finalize your LRP, select your oils, and enter your payment details one more time. Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date you’ve selected for shipping and you can update your order at anytime if you change your mind.