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A holistic approach to identify and transform the roots of your most painful & persistent struggles with food and body so you may finally blossom as the pure, luminous & wildly free woman that you are at your core.


Bridge the Gap
2-hour Breakthrough session

When you know what you "should" be doing but you're just not doing it.

We'll uncover the roots of your most persistent and painful struggles with health, food, and your body. And we'll create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan for profound and sustainable transformation in your health & life. Your nutritional approach and self care practices will be rooted in your values, aligned with your desires, and in service of the bigger intentions that you have for your life. If you are inundated and drowning in information about what you “should” be doing for optimal health, but struggling to make it happen, then let's clear the noise and connect back to the heart & soul of it all.

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The Art of Feminine Radiance Private Mentorship

Transform your body, heal your relationship with food, and reclaim your luminosity. 

Deep inside, you know that you're meant for so much more. You can sense the woman you were born to be: wildly free, luminous, and pure. You're ready to feel sexy, confident, and at home in your body, connected to your feminine force, and empowered to make a meaningful contribution in the world. But right now you're stuck in a struggle with overeating, restrictive dieting, excess weight and burnout that feels like quicksand. And the more you struggle, the deeper you sink.  This private coaching experience is an invitation to finally recover from burnout, release the weight and heal your relationship with nourishment, so you can express yourself fully and authentically, confidently presence yourself in the world, and create deep connections from a place of honoring your body and owning your worth.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Restore Inner Harmony + Step Into Embodied Leadership

Come home to yourself, enliven your body, balance your hormones, and create inner equanimity in your mind and heart. Essential oils are mama earth's precious gift to the senses. And through the doorway of the senses we bring the body into harmony, activate our inner capacity for self healing, and uplift our vibrational frequency to show up to life feeling more centered, more powerful, and more present. Whether you're interested in integrating into your daily self care rituals to uplevel your wellness routine or you're curious about how you may begin to share these powerful beauties as a wellness leader, come inside and take a look around.

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