Transformational Coaching + Holistic Lifestyle Design
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Embodied Business Mastery

Holistic business coaching for healers, coaches & practitioners

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Turn Your Healing Journey into the Platform for Passionate Service + Purposeful Work

Eyes burning, head aching, and mind buzzing. . . this is not how you imagined living your dream and building a business on your own terms.

You're a world-changing woman who wants to light a fire. Instead, you spend your days struggling to find so much as a spark.

You need a partner, someone who will help you get clear on your unique magic and magnetic brand message, and support you as you step fully into the world as a confident, visible, and effective leader. With over 15 years of education and experience in the healing arts, women’s leadership, and entrepreneurship, I'm the kindling you need to create a fulfilling, profitable, and client-attracting business. 

You’re in the Right Place if…

Business feels a lot more like a hobby. Despite the long hours and exhausting work, the clients still aren't calling and the money is still not coming in.

Your message and your purpose still feel fuzzy and uninspiring. And you feel like a fraud because your message isn't quite lining up with the way you live your life. 

You feel frustrated and stuck. Afraid that after all of this hard work, your biz is going to be a flop and your gifts will remain tucked away in the shadows gathering cobwebs while you go back to working for the man in a soul-sucking cubicle-way of life.

You feel confused about how to make a meaningful impact with your signature mission, message, and vision. 

You spend your precious time trying to figure it all out on your own but keep finding yourself in the same damn place of confusion, overwhelm, and “not quite good enough “?  

And you're spinning your wheels, unsure of how to move forward, overwhelmed by all of the options & unclear about where you should be focusing your attention and energy? 

What is Embodied Business Mastery?

Authentic Business Mastery is a deeply intuitive, holistic, and soulful approach to success and client attraction.  I guide clients in creating a thriving business by balancing the deeply transformative inner work with outward action, structures, and strategy for prosperity and manifest success without the burnout.  From messaging to marketing, we’ll custom-tailor an authentic approach for your life + business and get you into clear, inspired action.

Over the next 4 months, we'll work together intuitively, addressing inner alchemy and outer strategy in an order and manner that is fitting for your needs, desires, and process.  You'll also receive additional resources to help you fill the gaps in your business - from guides on copywriting to step-by-step guides for creating lead magnets and webinars, my intention is that you have everything that you need to succeed.

By combining psychology, spirituality & body-centered practices with aligned action and business strategy, we'll weave a revolutionary path to success, fulfillment, and impact.  

If you're tired of feeling unclear and you're ready to confidently step into your role as a leader and live your mission, let's get started.



Waking up each day with the clarity, confidence, and energy to serve fully and make a profound impact doing what you love.  Goodbye hiding out, playing small, and self-sabotaging. Hello feeling on-purpose + lit up.

Being totally, 110% clear on your mission and creating an aligned, fulfilling, successful business with joy & ease (goodbye, burnout!).

Leaving all traces of imposter syndrome behind, allowing you to confidently design programs, attract clients, and create prosperity.

Feeling connected and present in all areas of your life and work, and having a strategic and soulful business plan that allows you to feel on-purpose, in-service and spacious.


Attracting your dream clients with integrity, authenticity & luminosity. Rather than sacrificing self care for success, you'll be leading with a full cup, walking your talk and embodying your message in the world - and that's magnetic.

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What's Included

In the 4-Month Authentic Business Mastery


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Here's What is Included in the 4-Month Mastery Program:

Private Coaching Sessions as often as you need them

Receive coaching in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our sessions will be insightful, powerful, and transformative.  During these sessions, we’ll create clarity around your vision, mission, soul purpose, signature message, and brand essence through a deeply soulful and body-centered approach. You’ll heal and transform the limiting beliefs, blocks, and behaviors so you can step fully into the role of an embodied and empowered feminine leader in your business and life.  And we’ll  identify simple strategy and soulful action for maximum visibility and impact in your business.

Unlimited Content Audits (Business Materials: website, social media platforms, opt-ins, etc)

You'll have my eyes on everything you create so that you never feel as though you are creating in a vacuum during our time together.  I'll give you feedback on copy as we go so that you are speaking to your ideal clients in a powerful and authentic way.

Ongoing Email/Text/Voice Support, Feedback & accountability

During our time together, you’ll be able to send me your business materials along the way for feedback and accountability.  You’ll also have email access for support around resistance, blocks, and fears as they arise. We'll use the phone app Voxer so that you can send me a quick voice message anytime you feel stuck, scared, overwhelmed or confused. We'll get you feeling clear, inspired, and empowered right away.

Recordings of Sessions

No need to vigorously scribble notes during our sessions.  Each session will be recorded so that we can be fully present and engaged during our time together.  You'll be able to reflect back on amazing moments of insight and clarity that flow during moments of authentic connection and clarity. And you’ll be able to revisit important concepts, aha moments, and insights on your own time. 



As we implement different strategies, systems, and workflows in your business, I'll support you with technology tutorials and how-to videos around whatever we are implementing that week so you feel 100% empowered in running your own business. Technology tutorials may include squarespace web design, branding, canva image editing and graphic creation, email service provider automations and broadcasts, project management tools like trello and asana, and more and will depend entirely on the agreed upon implementation steps for each week. 

This Mentorship is For You If…

  • You’re willing to commit to a daily practice for the duration of our time together
  • Crave accountability, connection, and support
  • You’re ready to stop making excuses and start doing the work
  • You’re not afraid to dig deep, integrate spiritual concepts, and explore your shadows
  • You are ready and willing to own who you are, what makes you awesome, and be 100% authentic in the world
  • You are looking for a spiritual and action-focused approach with tangible results
  • You’re ready to experience a balance of personal health and happiness and a purpose-driven life



During your discovery session, we'll get clear on your vision, identify the hidden obstacles, and lay out a step-by-step plan to get you where you want to go. We'll then identify what level of support, and resources you need to feel fully supported, deeply anchored, and totally guided during our time together.

If you would LOVE to feel grounded, clear & confident about your calling in the world and unleash your authentic power to LIVE your mission, then Let's get started!

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What Clients Are Saying


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"Jessie is truly a beautiful soul nurturer."

I was taken away by how accurate Jessie pinpointed this gift that I knew was inside of me. By the time we finished, I felt so nourished and clear on where I could find “strength in my struggle” and what it would mean to share my gift, no longer keep wrapped up in my insecurities and doubts, to impact the lives of others. Jessie is truly a beautiful soul nurturer.

Jamila Theobold, Counselor,

She struck a balance that I had never experienced before in a coach.

I have worked with many coaches, mentors, and intuitives through the years, and my time with Jessie was one of the most incredible sessions I have ever had. At the time, I had a lot going on in my life: I hated my job, I was extremely depressed, I had a lot of anxiety about finances, I felt lost and unfocused...and on top of it all, I was about to get married! I was extremely impressed with Jessie’s ability to communicate gently with me while at the same time holding me accountable - she struck a balance that I had never experienced before in a coach. As I continue to navigate the ups and downs in both my personal and professional life, I carry Jessie’s energy and words with me and I will forever be grateful for her mentorship.

Jen Scumaci, Director, Strategy & Project Management

"I found the clarity that I needed."

"Jessie Kuehn is AMAZING. Before working with her, I was very unsure of where I wanted to take my business and what exact niche I could serve the best. I was feeling overwhelmed to say the least. She helped me to clear my mindset, focus my niche and gave me a clear plan for success that was absolutely aligned with my soul purpose. She took all of the jumbled up ideas in my head and made perfect sense out of them. Thanks to Jessie I have found the clarity that I needed to truly launch my business. I am so grateful and will definitely be recommending her in the future!”

-Julia Dods, Yoga Teacher


After working with Jessie a weight lifted.

"After working with Jessie a weight lifted.  For once in my new career/business I have focus about how I can serve others better.  She helped me get unstuck and shift my focus to the bigger picture. She is very grounded and has this clarity about her. It still amazes me to this day how she grasped and read so well who I was.  Really.  It's amazing and a true gift she has."

-Jody Weima, Zwaagwesteinde, Netherlands,

From feeling scattered and depleted to becoming focused, energized and inspired

"To be honest, I didn't really expect a breakthrough during my first conversation with Jessie but I actually experienced a first one within 15 minutes! From feeling scattered and depleted to becoming focused, energized and inspired, I'm so excited to see what aligning my soul with my business will bring to my life in the next months."

-Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author of Digestive Health with REAL Food,