The core of our work together is Feminine Embodiment. We'll go deep into the core of who you are as a woman teasing out the complex physiological, hormonal, emotional & soul threads that are impacting your current experience in your life, your body, and your relationship with food and self.

Pillar One: Create the inner state for optimal calorie burning + easeful weight Loss

  • Re-orient to a new approach to weight loss, and let go of the stress, anxiety, push and force that has defined your experience with your body, health and relationship with food up until this point
  • Discover feminine embodiment practices to turn on the relaxation response and create the metabolic and physiologic conditions for weight loss
  • Uncover the keys to bring your body and mind into alignment with the woman inside that you yearn to be, fast-tracking your journey into becoming the most radiant, fully realized and authentically expressed version of YOU.
  • Integrate healing and activating herbs and medicinal foods to nourish your adrenal glands and rewire the nervous system, allowing you to feel grounded, calm, and centered.

Pillar Two: Become the Empowered Creator of Your Own Life + Shift from a Living by Default to Living By Design

Pillar Three: Discover the Secrets to Intuitive Eating And Uncover Which Foods Serve You + Which Foods Lead to Dis-ease in the Mind and Body (Without Feeling Deprived or Restricted)


Pillar Four: Embrace Rhythm + Ritual To Optimize the Inner Balance of Female Hormones for Radiant Well-being, Vibrant Energy, and Easeful Weight Loss

Pillar Five: Release Rigid Approaches to Detoxification and Weight Balancing + Discover A Step-By-Step Approach to Release Heaviness, Stuckness + Stagnation in Mind, Body + Spirit - Inspired by Mother Nature + Guided by Body Wisdom

Pillar Six: Supercharge Weight Loss Effortlessly with Pleasure, Play + The Beauty Way And Watch the Weight Fall Away Effortlessly

Pillar Seven: Transform the Powerful Hidden Patterns that Keep You Stuck in A Persistent and Painful Cycle of Self Sabotage, Self Abandonment, and Black and White Thinking

Pillar Eight: Rewire Your Brain, Uncover Limiting Thought Patterns, and Transform the Way you Perceive and Show up to Life and In Relationship with Others

Pillar Nine: Ignite Your Personal Power + Step Into Confident Visibility, Authentic Self Expression and Meaningful Contribution