When Self Care Takes a Backseat - The Hidden Blessing in Times of "Falling Off The Wagon"

Falling off the Wagon

Sometimes, we go a month, or two or three where literally anything goes in the realms of self care because we are pouring all of our energy into a realm of our life that we deem more important at that given time: work, family, creativity, etc.  We forget that self care actually is the fuel and foundation for literally every other area of our life.

It’s during these times where we get to experience the dis-ease that results when we abandon self care – the burnout, the depletion, the fatigue, the creative blocks. We come to truly cherish and crave self care for the way it nourishes our soul so that we can show up strong, creative, and loving. Things like meditation and yoga feel less like tedious to-do’s and more like a gift, a luxury. AND, then we get to course correct. To come into congruency and alignment with our integrity. Wipe the slate clean and recommit to a path that honors our Truth, values, and intentions.

Jessie KuehnComment