How to Get Clear & Grounded in Your Big Why - And Why It's The Key to Evolving Beyond Your Struggles With Your Body and Weight


Finding our deeper why when making changes in our health and life is so important. It gives us the juice in our lives and breathes devotion into our daily practices and disciplines.

When we connect to our deeper intentions, we have a reference point to see whether or not our actions in the present moment are actually in alignment with what we yearn for.

I had this lovely client a couple of years back that came to me hoping to lose weight and eat healthier. It turned out that, for the most part, she knew what to eat how to lose weight and she had expended vast amounts of personal energy and financial resources in pursuit of this goal. She thought her excess weight held her back from everything in her life, especially the one thing she wanted more than anything in the world- to be a singer and songwriter. After weeks of watching her self sabotage, I realized that this false intention of losing weight was just a distraction from feeling that desire, that longing to be living in her purpose and channeling her God-given gifts as a singer and songwriter. She fooled herself into thinking that she had to lose weight first, and in many ways this idea was keeping her safe from courageously pursuing what she really wanted. It wasn’t until she owned this and accepted the fact that her weight didn’t need to hold her back that she started to feel lighter and more juiced up to finally take care of herself in the way she’d been striving to for years. Because she was finally feeling the desire for what she really wanted, self-care became an important step in being able to channel her gifts and show up in her full light and power.

When we experience suffering in our lives, we often look to the most tangible aspects of our lives for the cause. We get fixated on wants and desires that are connected to temporal aspects of our lives like our bodies and looks. In the process, we lose connection with our personal power because deep inside we know that these are fairly insignificant goals in the grand scheme of things. Health, wellness, and fitness become a be-all end all rather than an important aspect of self care so that we may be fully of service.

In the big picture, we need balanced health and an optimized physical experience in order to show up resourced and powerful for the rest of our life. We eat well and take care of our bodies to create the space for more love, more joy, and more peace. If we are healthy but not pursuing our lives with love and purpose, then what good is our health? So it is important to always keep the bigger goal in mind.

Even when we desire weight loss, as long as we stay fixated on the perfection of the body as the final destination, the destructive cycle of dieting and overeating will continue.

Instead, we need to connect to the deeper reason why we want to stand in our power, feeling confident and sexy in this body. Staying connected to the little goals in life, and ignoring our larger purpose, blocks our connection to our highest, most vibrant expression of self. For those of us who have struggled with weight, dieting, overeating, and health issues, these issues act as powerful doorways that beckon us into a deeper journey of self-evolution and spiritual growth.

Maybe the intention you have on the forefront of your mind is an intention that you’ve been grasping for day after day, month after month, year after year. It might be old and tired, and if you’re honest with yourself, it might not actually be what you really want deep in your soul anymore. Maybe it’s been replaced by an intention more reflective of who you are at this point in your life that you haven’t yet acknowledged. It’s OK to let old intentions go that haven’t yet come into reality if they no longer resonate with the core of your being. Be brave and explore new realms that light you up.

Sometimes we stay stuck in a fight with our weight or health or food because we are afraid to own what it is we TRULY desire. Our weight and wellness goals become a distraction that keeps us from setting our sights on the thing that really matters most to us and taking the courageous leap to bring it into reality.

Many women have not moved past their struggle with food and weight because if they did, what next? Where would they channel all of this energy that the game of weight loss has been consuming for years? Who would they be without this struggle? They would have to finally go for what is so near and dear to their heart. Weight would no longer be holding them back.

1) Right now, be bold and declare your desire for what it is you most want in life right now: financial abundance? A career you love? A loving partnership? A baby? Travel and adventure? Create an intention around THAT. And yes, of course taking care of yourself with a healthy diet, a mindfulness practice, and a balanced fitness approach will give you the energy, joy, and vitality to show up for your biggest dreams.

2) Sit with your intention and give breath to it. Light it up with your presence. Let it expand and allow it to spread to the cells of your being from the hairs on your head to the tips of your toes.

3) Create a Pinterest board or old-school collage with magazine clippings that really encapsulate the qualities of your desire and intention.

4) Please share your intention in the comments below! When you write your intention, do so in the present tense, as though it is already achieved. When we publicly announce our intentions, they become even more powerful. You feel it, you want it, you desire it because it is available to you. We just need to get out of our own way so that it can be so:)

If you’re feeling fuzzy about what it is you really want in your life and how to bring your self-care in alignment with your desire, schedule a Breakthrough Session today so you have the clarity and confidence you need to make shit happen.

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