I have worked with many coaches, mentors, and intuitives through the years, and my time with Jessie was one of the most incredible sessions I have ever had. At the time, I had a lot going on in my life: I hated my job, I was extremely depressed, I had a lot of anxiety about finances, I felt lost and unfocused...and on top of it all, I was about to get married! Our session was intense, and Jessie helped me to better understand the energies I had at work within and around me. I was extremely impressed with Jessie’s ability to communicate gently with me while at the same time holding me accountable - she struck a balance that I had never experienced before in a coach. As I continue to navigate the ups and downs in both my personal and professional life, I carry Jessie’s energy and words with me and I will forever be grateful for her mentorship.

— Jen Scumaci, Portsmouth, NH

My work with Jessie has been life-changing. She has helped me face many of the demons that had been plaguing me for years; yet face them in a kind, compassionate, forgiving way. A wise soul and a fountain of knowledge and experience, Jessie can take you where you’re yearning to go, even if you’re unsure where that place is.

— Katie Garces, Nutrition Therapist and Nurse Practitioner

"Jessie Kuehn is AMAZING. Before working with her, I was very unsure of where I wanted to take my business and what exact niche I could serve the best. I was feeling overwhelmed to say the least. She helped me to clear my mindset, focus my niche and gave me a clear plan for success that was absolutely aligned with my soul purpose. She took all of the jumbled up ideas in my head and made perfect sense out of them. Thanks to Jessie I have found the clarity that I needed to truly launch my business. I am so grateful and will definitely be recommending her in the future!”

-Julia Dods, Body Love Coach

I am so over the moon that I have found Jessie!! I craved this part of my spiritual journey the most ~ and she is a wealth of wisdom on so many levels.  I feel like I won *The Teacher* lottery! I really like how far I have come since we started working together. My inner compass is so clear… not from the head but reallllly from my body ~ feel sooo on the same team with my body for the first time in my life.
— Laura Wood, Intuitive and Business Coach

When I came to Jessie I was stuck and needed someone to see my blind spots for me. Jessie is a wealth of knowledge.  She gave me the ability to listen to my own body and make my own decisions intuitively. She helped me to unpack the deeper insecurities I was holding onto. I just got back from a major conference of my peers, one that would ordinarily trigger every insecurity I have, but I found that reminding myself of what I learned with Jessie helped me to stay grounded, self-assured, and to be the present and kind woman I truly want to be."

-Rachael McClair, Pastor, Denver, CO

I was taken away by how accurate Jessie pinpointed this gift that I knew was inside of me. By the time we finished, I felt so nourished and clear on where I could find “strength in my struggle” and what it would mean to share my gift, no longer keep wrapped up in my insecurities and doubts, to impact the lives of others. Jessie is truly a beautiful soul nurturer.

— Jamila Theobold, www.jamilatheobold.com

After working with Jessie a weight lifted.  For once in my new career/business I have focus about how I can serve others better.  She helped me get ‘unstuck’ and shift my focus to the bigger picture. She is very grounded and has this clarity about her. It still amazes me to this day how she grasped and read so well who I was.  Really.  It's amazing and a true gift she has. 

— Jody Weima (Zwaagwesteinde, Netherlands)

I talk to anyone I can about Jessie’s program and about Jessie. I absolutely love her approach.  Even her writing is “soul nourishing”. She has a gentle, yet very grounded in-sources way of conveying information.  It is done in such a sweetly satisfying way… a way where you just want to hear more and more.  I gained tremendously and will certainly recommend Jessie to my friends!

-Naomi Kramer, Johannesburg, South Africa

To be honest, I didn't really expect a breakthrough during my first conversation with Jessie but I actually experienced a first one within 15 minutes! From feeling scattered and depleted to becoming focused, energized and inspired, I'm so excited to see what aligning my soul with my business will bring to my life in the next months. 

-Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author of Digestive Health with REAL Food