Radiant Wellbeing & Body Freedom

Radiant Wellbeing

ROOTED IN Science, Psychology and Soul

A holistic approach to identify and transform the roots of your most painful & persistent struggles with food and body so you may finally blossom as the pure, luminous & wildly free woman that you are at your core. 

What can I help you with?

Hormonal Balance

Balance Your Hormones & cultivate Feminine radiance

Food Freedom

 Find Freedom With Food & reach your ideal weight

Easeful Weight Loss

 Find your purpose & serve others with your healing journey


Free Live Webinar: A Body-Mind-Soul Approach To Optimal Digestion

October 4th @ 3:00 PM MST



  • Explore underlying physiological causes of digestive issues like bloating, gas and constipation and what these symptoms are telling you.
  • Understand how digestion impacts your delicate hormonal balance as a woman and the role it plays in weight gain, female hormonal conditions, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism.
  • Uncover the role that digestive issues have in binge eating, overeating, and disrupted hunger and appetite mechanisms.
  • Discover the most common mistakes people make when treating digestive issues
  • Understand the mental, emotional, and spiritual roots of chronic digestive issues
  • Leave with simple dietary strategies, supplement recommendations, and lifestyle practices to restore balance in your gut.

"My Work with jessie has been Life-Changing." 

My work with Jessie has been life-changing. She has helped me face many of the demons that had been plaguing me for years; yet face them in a kind, compassionate, forgiving way. A wise soul and a fountain of knowledge and experience, Jessie can take you where you’re yearning to go, even if you’re unsure where that place is.

Katie Garces, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, www.greenplatekate.com


"She gave me the ability to listen to my own body."

When I came to Jessie I was stuck and needed someone to see my blind spots for me. Jessie is a wealth of knowledge.  She gave me the ability to listen to my own body and make my own decisions intuitively. She helped me to unpack the deeper insecurities I was holding onto. My work with Jessie helped me to stay grounded, self-assured, and to be the present and kind woman I truly want to be."

Rachael McClair, Pastor, Denver, CO


"Jessie is truly a beautiful soul nurturer."

I was taken away by how accurate Jessie pinpointed this gift that I knew was inside of me. By the time we finished, I felt so nourished and clear on where I could find “strength in my struggle” and what it would mean to share my gift, no longer keep wrapped up in my insecurities and doubts, to impact the lives of others. Jessie is truly a beautiful soul nurturer.

Jamila Theobold, Counselor, www.jamilatheobold.com