What is Rooted & Radiant Business Mastery?

Rooted & Radiant Business Mastery is a deeply intuitive, holistic, and soulful approach to success and client attraction.  I guide clients in creating a thriving business by balancing the deeply transformative inner work of the feminine with masculine outward action, structures, and strategy for prosperity and manifest success without the burnout.  

Over the next 3 months, we'll work together intuitively, addressing inner alchemy and outer strategy in an order and manner that is fitting for your needs, desires, and process.  You'll also receive additional resources to help you fill the gaps in your business - from guides on copywriting to step-by-step guides for creating lead magnets and webinars, my intention is that you have everything that you need to succeed.

Pillar 1: The seed of your business - uncovering a Business Vision that is aligned with your desires

  • Get crystal clear on the vision for your business and life so that your business supports the life that you want and your life supports the business you desire

  • Tap into the soul of your business essence: identify the qualities that make your business identity magnetic and unique

  • Integrate energy alchemy practices to generate the aliveness for sustainable and easeful success

Pillar 2: the Roots of your Business - Getting crystal clear on Your unique Mission & Message

Your business should be a soul-signature of you: aligned with your core essence, resonant with your inner truth, and reflective of your unique presence. This is what makes you truly unique – it’s your signature genius and it’s encoded in your soul path – your struggles, your triumphs, and your life story. And this is the essential foundation for a fulfilling, successful and prosperous business. There is a unique genius that only you can express…and your tribe is waiting for you to claim it.

  • Get crystal clear on your core values, message, and zone of genius in your work in order to create a fulfilling business and life that attracts prosperity with joy and ease.

  • Uncover the gifts in your soul path – finding the light within the struggle and tapping into a deep understanding of your sacred purpose and signature message.

  • Integrate energy alchemy practices for shifting blocks around taking up space, being seen, and valued for your contribution

  • Tap into the natural elements to shift into a more balanced state of mind, body, and spirit for grounding, inspiration, flow, and joy in your work flow

Pillar 3: The Trunk of Your Business - Systems and Structures for Consistency & Followthrough

We’ll step back and take in the full picture, make a plan and determine deep, introspective steps, turning intention into inspired action. From there, we’ll create the marketing systems to allow you to share your message and create resonance among your tribe.  

  • Create a business and marketing plan for focused direction and growth

  • Put simple, soulful structures & rituals in place for upward growth

  • Break through self-sabotage and resistance that keep you stuck in the same old place, failing to create consistency and followthrough.

  • Seal the energy and power leaks by creating healthy boundaries around your energy, money, and time.  When you leak energy, you dissipate your power and presence.  To be a fully expressed and empowered feminine leader, you need a strong power center, anchored into Divine Love and wisdom

Pillar 4: The Branches of Your Business - Building your tribe with authentic Marketing & connection

  • Relax into a marketing plan that is aligned with your soul purpose and that feels good and get the moving pieces scheduled into your calendar.Create a powerhouse support team for co-creation and collaboration in future endeavors.

  • Integrate powerful tools for making empowered decisions in your business and life so that every action you take in your business will feel organic, easeful, and joyous.  

  • Re-attune to natural rhythms in order to create more flow and harmony in your business and life.

  • Discover Your Voice & Create Resonance with Your story as you expand into visibility and impact

Pillar 5: The Blossoms of Your Business - Creating branding & offers that light you up & entice your dream clients 

  • Design offers that are exciting and inspiring for you and irresistible to your soulmate clients

  • Finding the sweet spot of pricing that allows you to feel spacious and inspired in your work, rather than resentful and burnt out. 

  • Discover the secrets for easeful client attraction and enrollment
  • Learn how to talk about what you do in a way that makes you stand out and compels people to want to work with you.

  • Clear away the blocks that are keeping you from fully embodying your core values so you are walking your talk and leading through presence.  As a healer, coach, or solopreneur you’re the face of your brand and the embodiment of its essence.

  • Create Branding that aligns with your unique soul essence.

Pillar 6: The Fruits of Your Business: Clear the path to prosperity & wealth  

  • Integrate daily practices to heal your money story, increase your vibration, and turn yourself into a money magnet.

  • Fine-tune your manifestation practices in a way that balances body & soul, masculine & feminine, desire & strategy

  • Uncover and heal the invisible blocks to abundance, visibility, and soulful success.

  • Create systems for celebration, money tracking, and more.


Simple, streamlined, and soulful is POWERFUL. So many of us fall into the temptation of overcomplicating whatever it is that we are doing, seduced by the complex and cutting edge.  We chase after one shiny object after another until we are left burnt out, fragmented, and with nothing to show for it. But time and time again I see that when we do the inner work and implement simple structures for visibility, value-packed content creation, and generosity, then the results are so much better than trying to implement every shiny marketing strategy we come across.