Work With Me

Running your own business doesn't have to feel completely overwhelming and utterly confusing. Together we'll create clarity, ease, and flow. The world is waiting for you to share all that you've been given - let's pave the path to make it happen.


2-Hour Message Clarity Intensive

During this 2-Hour intensive you'll get crystal clear on your vision, core values, message, and zone of genius in your work in order to create a fulfilling and client-attracting business. This is the often-overlooked, but all important foundation for alignment and flow in your business. We'll leave no stone unturned as we take a deep dive into your professional experience and your personal journey to uncover a magnetic core message that brings it all together. You'll uncover the gifts in your soul path – finding the light within the struggle and tapping into a deep understanding of your sacred purpose and signature message. This session is as transformative as it is informative. And it's the perfect doorway to begin our journey together.

Monthly Business Mentorship for NEw and Emerging Healers, Coaches & Creatives

In this monthly business mentorship, you'll have my full loving support, fierce guidance and honest reflection and feedback every step of the way. Together we'll create clarity around your mission and signature message. We'll identify simple, streamlined and soulful strategy and action for maximum visibility and impact in your business. And you'll heal and transform any beliefs, patterns, health issues that are standing in your way of stepping fully into the role of an embodied and empowered feminine leader in your business and life.  This mentorship is for those who feel truly ready to step, both feet in, and do what it takes to make their dreams a reality. 

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Done-For-You Website and Business Support Packages

If you're feeling bogged down by all the things, and you're wanting to release the burden of needing to do it all yourself, these packages may be just what your little heart's been yearning for.

My intention is to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the moving parts are all in place to support your bigger work in the world.

Together we'll decide on the best tools, systems, and level of support you are needing in your business and create a plan of action to bring your big visions to life in a simple, streamlined & soulful way.