3 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

With the Holidays quickly approaching and the New Year just around the corner, this time of year is the perfect time to slow down, drop in, feel into desire, and create space for your intentions for the first quarter of 2018. It’s important that we honor all of the seasons of our creative process and respect the pauses as much as the bursts of momentum and action.

If you’ve downloaded my 90-Day Success Blueprint (which I highly recommend), you may want to spend time lingering over the first three steps during November and December instead of launching into action - spend the next several weeks reestablishing a connection with the body and heart, feeling into desire and establishing right aim and clear intent from this place of deep knowing and receptivity. And finally, take the time to clear and create space for the intentions you’re calling in for the New Year!

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When Self Care Takes a Backseat

Sometimes, we go a month, or two or three where literally anything goes in the realms of self care because we are pouring all of our energy into a realm of our life that we deem more important at that given time: work, family, creativity, etc.  We forget that self care actually is the fuel and foundation for literally every other area of our life.

It’s during these times where we get to experience the dis-ease that results when we abandon self care – the burnout, the depletion, the fatigue, the creative blocks. We come to truly cherish and crave self care for the way it nourishes our soul so that we can show up strong, creative, and loving. Things like meditation and yoga feel less like tedious to-do’s and more like a gift, a luxury. AND, then we get to course correct. To come into congruency and alignment with our integrity. Wipe the slate clean and recommit to a path that honors our Truth, values, and intentions.

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Are You Struggling to Get Clear On Your Intention?

Are You Struggling to Get Clear On Your Intention?

You know you need a vision, right?  But right now you just feel confused and lacking the clarity to move forward.  Even the next baby step feels uncertain, and you’re left either stuck in inaction or spinning your wheels in aimless action.

The majority of systems for transformation begin with getting clear on your vision for your body, for your life, for your business, for your relationship, or for whatever area you are trying to manifest in.  And then from that vision, we create a clear intention.

Unfortunately, too many of us are trying to create a vision from the mind, rather than generating a vision from feeling into the desires and yearnings in our body.  And we keep bumping into the limitations of the mind- stuck in a small box of our own making.  

When we create a vision from the mind, it’s often influenced by external ideas of what we should be doing, what would look good, or what seems logical.  And often when we create from this place, we may ultimately end up realizing that we aren’t actually aligned with that which we have created.  We end up feeling disappointed, unfulfilled, lost, and exhausted.  When we haven’t dropped into the body and surrendered to being first, then our goals and intentions tend to come from a place of needing to achieve in order to prove our worthiness to both ourselves and others.

The old masculine paradigm for success begins with having a goal, and creating a step-by-step plan to make it happen.  But what happens when there’s no clear path to that which we desire?  Say, manifesting a loving and passionate relationship, or creating work in the world that’s fully aligned with one’s soul calling, or even creating an offering that will impact the world in a meaningful way.  Many times we can feel these yearnings- these possibilities-even before our mind can conceive of what it exactly looks like or how to make it happen.

While the masculine model for manifesting and “making shit happen” begins with the mind, women initiate powerful manifestation processes from the wisdom and power of the body.  As women, our power in manifesting requires us to be deeply connected, fully inhabiting, and in strong communication and relatedness with body wisdom.  From this place we can really feel into our desires, our yearnings and generate a vision and a guiding intention.

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Lessons From a Spider

Today, I began my day bright and early with a brisk walk to my neighborhood yoga studio to begin the day with a little heart and hip opening.  We began the yoga class by setting an intention. The teacher spoke about the vibration that we are creating in our lives and how important it is to be mindful about what and who we surround ourselves with.  I set my intention to focus my experience on the immense love, gratitude, abundance, and bliss that is available to me.  In order to fill my life with these positive vibrations, I would need to kick fear to the curb, choosing higher vibration thoughts instead.  I closed my eyes, brought my hands to hearts center and placed the seed of intention between my palms.

I gently opened my eyes gazing at my mat, and there between my two feet was a SPIDER. EEK!  Truth be told, I’m not very zen in my relationship with spiders and at home might consider taking a shoe to it, but here, in this space that practices the yogic principle of Ahimsa, or nonviolence, I could do no such thing.  So I watched it and laughed at the irony of the situation.  The universe has a hilarious sense of humor when we pay attention.   Here was the universe, “Saying, you think you’re ready to cast fear aside and choose love and peace instead?  Show me.”

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A Vulnerable Story About Hitting Rock Bottom & Finding My Purpose

I was called to step into leadership from a young age. As captain of my soccer and cross-country teams, I always loved exploring how to inspire and empower others to their greatest potential.  When my dad passed away when I was 17, however, I pulled back into a cocoon of safety and isolation. In an attempt to experience control over my life, I pushed away friends and community and fell deep into the grip of an eating disorder.  The more out of alignment I became with my life purpose and my potential, the more my health deteriorated.  I struggled with PCOS, adrenal fatigue, severe anxiety and depression and medicated myself into a numb state of apathy and acquiescence.  Without trust in the basic goodness of life, my strategy was to simply survive, control, and do my best to protect myself against uncertainty.

I was at home from college one weekend, alone in my mom’s home and in the darkest depths of my eating disorder.  I became incredibly aware that I no longer wanted to live.  Not like this.  I knew in that moment that something had to change.

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An Interview On Archetypes, The Divine Feminine & Sparking the Light of Joy Within

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Carmela Garone, who I had the pleasure of speaking with for her Unleash Your Joy Now Summit.  

Topics Discussed:

My initiation into the healing arts

Blocks to joy - Upper Limits, Disconnection from the Body, Limiting Beliefs & Stories (2:30) 

How to begin shifting your reality by tapping into archetypal energies (5:00)

How the collective and cultural ideas of the collective shape our experience (9:10)

What happens when we don't fit into the idea of what others think we should be (10:45)

The cost of not showing up as who you really are (11:50)

The Masculine and the Feminine Energies and how they show up in our life & work (15:15)

Conducting a coaching business from the feminine perspective (18:30)

Embodiment practices to get back into the body to feel into what is authentic and true for you (20:00)

What it means to lead with joy (23:00)

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