Are You Struggling to Get Clear On What it Is That You Desire to Create In Your Life?

You know you need a vision, right?  But right now you just feel confused and lacking the clarity to move forward.  Even the next baby step feels uncertain, and you’re left either stuck in inaction or spinning your wheels in aimless action.

The majority of systems for transformation begin with getting clear on your vision for your life, for your business, for your relationship, or for whatever area you are trying to manifest in.  And then from that vision, we create a clear intention.

Unfortunately, too many of us are trying to create a vision from the mind, rather than generating a vision from feeling into the desires and yearnings in our body.  And we keep bumping into the limitations of the mind- stuck in a small box of our own making.  

When we create a vision from the mind, it’s often influenced by external ideas of what we should be doing, what would look good, or what seems logical.  And often when we create from this place, we may ultimately end up realizing that we aren’t actually aligned with that which we have created.  We end up feeling disappointed, unfulfilled, lost, and exhausted.  When we haven’t dropped into the body and surrendered to being first, then our goals and intentions tend to come from a place of needing to achieve in order to prove our worthiness to both ourselves and others.

The old masculine paradigm for success begins with having a goal, and creating a step-by-step plan to make it happen.  But what happens when there’s no clear path to that which we desire?  Say, manifesting a loving and passionate relationship, or creating work in the world that’s fully aligned with one’s soul calling, or even creating an offering that will impact the world in a meaningful way.  Many times we can feel these yearnings- these possibilities-even before our mind can conceive of what it exactly looks like or how to make it happen.

While the masculine model for manifesting and “making shit happen” begins with the mind, women initiate powerful manifestation processes from the wisdom and power of the body.  As women, our power in manifesting requires us to be deeply connected, fully inhabiting, and in strong communication and relatedness with body wisdom.  From this place we can really feel into our desires, our yearnings and generate a vision and a guiding intention.

Only one problem…

Many, many women have chronic patterns of body abandonment that keep them searching outside of themselves for the answers, trying to fix and figure things out from the mind, and checking out of the body with overeating, technology, and multitasking.  So, first and foremost, we need to develop the skills and patterns of dropping in, embodying, and tuning into the quiet whispers of body wisdom if we are really wanting to get clear on our deepest desires and yearnings and generate a life in alignment with our soul calling.

While the masculine is goal-driven, the feminine is tension-driven.  When we’re present and in the body, we’re feeling the yearning AND we’re available and present to feel the agony of resisting our soul's calling and evolution.  As tension-driven manifestors, feeling the discomfort and the yearning in their full magnitude is a powerful, powerful force for creation.  If we respond to the discomfort by checking out with overeating, overworking, and overdoing, then we ultimately kink the hose to our power - disconnected from both desire and discomfort.  We need to say yes to truly feeling both, staying present in the experience of the disappointment and in the desire.  

Furthermore if we are depleted, exhausted or burnt out from ambitious, goal-driven, logical and linear models for success, then oftentimes, our desires are more reflective of our needs for rest, rejuvenation, and replenishment than actually representing the fullness of our potential.  We can create escape fantasies of sorts that don’t support us in living into our fullest potential and making the impact we were meant to make.  They’re more self-gratifying and less service-oriented.  

This is why my work with clients always begins with clearing away the noise in the body with a tailored healing program, nourishing aliveness with adrenal-healing foods and herbs, and removing any blocks that are in the way of truly claiming your right to be here, to have your needs and desires met, and to take up space in the world.  This all begins by balancing and activating the root chakra.

A strong, balanced root chakra allows us to drop in and stay present in the body rather than self-abandoning and checking out; to tune into the whispers of body wisdom rather than drowning them out by searching everywhere outside for the answers, or shutting down the faculties of intuition and inner knowing by trying to control, fix, and figure it all out from the mind.

The root chakra is the earth element - it’s our foundation, our roots, our ground.  From this center, we have trust in the overall goodness of life, we feel safe, secure, and stable,

If we haven’t shifted into a pattern of truly agreeing to be here, then any stand that we take for our life and for the realization of our greatest potentials will lack a solid ground, a solid foundation of rootedness.  Like a tree without roots, the moment a strong wind comes, instead of standing our ground and staying on course, we’ll be blown in whatever way the wind is moving that day.  

Without a strong root chakra, we can be disconnected from the body, lack trust, have issues with boundaries, experience financial difficulties, feel fearful, restless or anxious, or lack the focus and discipline to truly manifest anything in our lives.  We may feel chronically tired and sluggish or fear change and risk.

So before getting clear on the vision or the intention, our first step is in dropping in, reestablishing a receptive and nourishing relationship with the body, cultivating trust in self, and getting intimate with the whispers of desire.

From this place of dropping in, tuning in, and making space for deep connection, aliveness, desire, and passion flow freely.  In giving ourselves permission to be in the body, we are able to generate aligned action to powerfully create the vision for our life.

So this week, I invite you to drop into the body, cultivate your roots, your ground, your foundation, and tune into the whisperings that come from within.  

Here are some ways to do just that:

  1. Take long daily walks in nature

  2. Eat regular, balanced soulful meals guided by body wisdom. Truly surrender into the experience of nourishment - feeling supported and nurtured by the earth, immersed in abundance, and safe to be here and receive.

  3. Establish regular hours for sleep that are in harmony with nature’s rhythms

  4. Take long, hot epsom salt baths

  5. Practice self massage with grounding essential oils like sandalwood, myrrh, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Juniper, Vetiver, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cypress, Clove, and Carrot Seed - even just a foot massage will do wonders to help you ground!

  6. Make time for deep listening and receptivity - sit silently every day, allowing yourself to surrender fully into your hips and heart and feel deeply into the aliveness within.

  7. Bring the color red into your wardrobe and surroundings

  8. Enjoy red fruits and vegetables and root vegetables

  9. Practice yoga - focusing on grounding through the feet and allowing the flow of energy to rise up through the knees, pelvis, and spine.

Lessons From a Spider

Today, I began my day bright and early with a brisk walk to my neighborhood yoga studio to begin the day with a little heart and hip opening.  We began the yoga class by setting an intention. The teacher spoke about the vibration that we are creating in our lives and how important it is to be mindful about what and who we surround ourselves with.  I set my intention to focus my experience on the immense love, gratitude, abundance, and bliss that is available to me.  In order to fill my life with these positive vibrations, I would need to kick fear to the curb, choosing higher vibration thoughts instead.  I closed my eyes, brought my hands to hearts center and placed the seed of intention between my palms.

I gently opened my eyes gazing at my mat, and there between my two feet was a SPIDER. EEK!  Truth be told, I’m not very zen in my relationship with spiders and at home might consider taking a shoe to it, but here, in this space that practices the yogic principle of Ahimsa, or nonviolence, I could do no such thing.  So I watched it and laughed at the irony of the situation.  The universe has a hilarious sense of humor when we pay attention.   Here was the universe, “Saying, you think you’re ready to cast fear aside and choose love and peace instead?  Show me.”

First I attempted some spastic movements hoping to scare him off, but he only seemed more intrigued.  With my first lunge he scurried to the side of my mat and it's there he would be my little keeper for the rest of class.   I started to flow through the poses dropping into relaxation, joy, and peace, and then that little fear would pop up.  I’d open an eye and scan my space to make sure he was not closing in on his attack.  I watched my fear arise and then gently brought my focus back to the present moment.  At one point the thought crept in, “Oh crap, how am I ever going to be able to relax in savasana at the end of class if I can’t peek to make sure he’s keeping his distance?  I started to get caught up in the irrational fear around this and then thought, “okay, what is the very worst that could happen.  Well he could bite me but hey, I wake up with spider bites a lot and I’m pretty sure I’m still alive and kicking.  He could crawl into my mouth or a nostril, but I’m also pretty sure that I’ve eaten a spider or two in my sleep and that hasn’t seemed to affect my life in any major way.  I relaxed into the potential outcomes and then came back to the moment again.  I was grateful to be able to witness my fear and the way it pulled me out of the present moment - out of the experience of peace and love.

I started to flow without worrying about so much about this little spider.  He was going to do what he was going to do and in the meantime, I could surrender to the flow and to the beauty available to me in this moment as well as to the gratitude for my new teacher, Mr. spider.

Okay, okay, so you ‘re probably thinking, “It’s just an innocent spider!”  I know I sound ridiculous but the truth is that most of our fears are quite irrational, yet we spend so much of our time, energy, and attention on them! In the meantime, we are sacrificing the opportunity to be filled with love, joy, and peace.  We are abandoning the experience of the present moment.

So let me ask you, what is your metaphorical spider? What fear continues to creep in taking you out of the present moment?  What is the worst that will happen if that fear comes true? Can you handle it?  I bet you can.

A Vulnerable Story About Hitting Rock Bottom & Finding My Purpose

This story is part of the Fearless Footprint Story Tour, a virtual “tour” where 7 women leaders are posting over the course of 7 days about the experiences in which they started to live with meaning, lead fearlessly, and be who they were created to be! Check out the full story tour line up here."

I was called to step into leadership from a young age. As captain of my soccer and cross-country teams, I always loved exploring how to inspire and empower others to their greatest potential.  When my dad passed away when I was 17, however, I pulled back into a cocoon of safety and isolation. In an attempt to experience control over my life, I pushed away friends and community and fell deep into the grip of an eating disorder.  The more out of alignment I became with my life purpose and my potential, the more my health deteriorated.  I struggled with PCOS, adrenal fatigue, severe anxiety and depression and medicated myself into a numb state of apathy and acquiescence.  Without trust in the basic goodness of life, my strategy was to simply survive, control, and do my best to protect myself against uncertainty.

I was at home from college one weekend, alone in my mom’s home and in the darkest depths of my eating disorder.  I became incredibly aware that I no longer wanted to live.  Not like this.  I knew in that moment that something had to change.

Something shifted that day. I could feel the yearning to live again deep in my bones.  I was ready to break out of the small existence that I had crafted in fear.  I decided I would take a year off of college and travel to South America with the money I had saved up from summer work.  I researched volunteer opportunities, hostels, and the logistics around climbing Aconcagua – the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemisphere. And then I bought a one-way ticket.

I was allowing myself to choose something different, even when that was met with doubt and disapproval by my loved ones.  Without the support of my family, I was given the opportunity to truly take a stand for my own life. Because deep down I sensed unrealized potentials that beckoned me to the unknown.  I deeply desired to contribute more authentically with the gifts I was given, and to live more fully in a way that felt like my own. And while I didn’t actually know what that path was, I was developing the skills of listening to my intuition and following my heart.

My year of climbing, exploring, and volunteering in South America created an opening in the darkness.  I returned to the states with more self-responsibility and a commitment to do what it took to heal and awaken to the joy that was available to me in each moment. 

Over the 13 years that followed, I immersed myself in the healing arts. Each degree and certification I acquired felt like just a piece of the puzzle. I was picking up hints and breadcrumbs.  I was honing my skills and cultivating qualities that I would need for what awaited me.  Each step, invaluable. Each part of the journey, indispensable and necessary for my growth and evolution.  Along the way, I healed my eating disorder and the painful relationship I had with my body.  I healed the PCOS, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, and depression. I uprooted disempowering beliefs, moved energetic blocks, and nurtured my connection and trust in Divine Guidance and the overall goodness of life.

And yet, I was growing weary and hopeless about finding the work I was meant to do. But I couldn’t - I wouldn’t - settle.  I could taste the kind of work that I wanted to do in the world – deep, spiritual, integrative, holistic, transformational, and healing.  But I struggled to find the platform.  I worked for beautiful organizations doing work that ultimately didn’t allow me to operate in my zone of genius.  And I worked in my zone of genius for organizations that stood for beautiful things but were deeply flawed and lacking in their leadership.

I prayed for guidance for weeks around quitting my job and going full-time in my business, and when I felt it in my heart, I took the leap before the net appeared.  What happened was incredible.  In the month after I gave my final notice, my practice filled with ease and grace.  Soul-mate clients found me in magical, unexpected, and often mysterious ways.

I could finally bring all of my gifts to the table.  Being multi-passionate wasn’t my flaw anymore – it was my superpower! My work as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, nutritionist, and eating disorder counselor all molded me into being a powerful space holder for deep healing and transformation.  My purpose, my passion was helping other women find their purpose, lead with presence, and heal their mind, body & spirit to fully access their authentic power in the world.

What I discovered along the way, was that my life path and my life purpose are one and the same. Instead of life being a linear path up a mountain, it’s more like a traverse of peaks and valleys.  There are leaps of faith requiring great courage, trust, and a surrender to the unknown; there are painful times of transition and loss in which I can sense unrealized potentials asking me to overcome a new threshold, re-commit to myself, unfurl a bit more, and say yes to life in a bigger way.

And I’m still dancing, still finding my way alongside my brave-hearted clients who have made the courageous commitment to feel more, be more, awaken more, and live more. To choose their soul’s yearning over their fears. 

Being a leader has become more about becoming the conscious creator of my own life – being the change, embodying my values and purpose, and holding power with presence.  Our dreams and desires will not be magically fulfilled.  We need to take the stand, make the commitment, do the work, follow the light, and TRUST.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” (Anaïs Nin)

An Interview On Archetypes, The Divine Feminine & Sparking the Light of Joy Within

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Carmela Garone, who I had the pleasure of speaking with for her Unleash Your Joy Now Summit.  

Topics Discussed:

  • My initiation into the healing arts
  • Blocks to joy - Upper Limits, Disconnection from the Body, Limiting Beliefs & Stories (2:30) 
  • How to begin shifting your reality by tapping into archetypal energies (5:00)
  • How the collective and cultural ideas of the collective shape our experience (9:10)
  • What happens when we don't fit into the idea of what others think we should be (10:45)
  • The cost of not showing up as who you really are (11:50)
  • The Masculine and the Feminine Energies and how they show up in our life & work (15:15)
  • Conducting a coaching business from the feminine perspective (18:30)
  • Embodiment practices to get back into the body to feel into what is authentic and true for you (20:00)
  • What it means to lead with joy (23:00)

Why Self Care and Nourishment are the Keys for Client Attraction in Your Soul-Aligned Business

There are so many invisible and unseen aspects that are at play with client attraction – subtle factors that have an undeniable influence on our ability to attract clients and abundance with ease.

One pattern that I see time and time again, is when myself and my clients take the time and space to truly nourish and replenish themselves, they experience business breakthroughs without the burnout, incessant striving, and push and force.

Why is this?

I’ve identified 6 invisible factors that powerfully shape the success & prosperity of our businesses – all profoundly impacted by self-care and nourishment

1) Connection – when we aren’t deeply connected with self, it’s impossible to create deep connections with others. And a successful heart-centered business requires this all-important aspect of connection. When we abandon the seat of self, caught up in the endless dramas and activity of the monkey mind, we block our ability to create deep, meaningful connection with others. When we take the time and space to nourish, fill up, and connect with self, our business naturally becomes an expression of generosity, love and fullness. And that makes everyone feel good.

2) Presence – Self Care and Nourishment are powerful entry points for rooting, grounding, and getting present in the here and the now. This element of presence is the core of a magnetic business. I know you’ve felt it before – the draw to a leader who is truly in her essence, leading through loving presence, walking her talk and radiating her truth through her way of being in the world. It’s subtle, yet oh so compelling and attractive. For our business to thrive, it must be a reflection and extension of our soul essence. And for that to happen, we need to take the time and space to nourish our soul essence with good food and earth medicine, slow sensual bathing and beauty rituals, time in nature, movement, and silent stillness. When we are grounded in the body, present in the here and now, we have access to our true power and potential. So drop out of your head and come home to your body.

3) Manifestation- Nourishment and Self Care allow us to create the congruent conditions to drop into the feeling-tone of our vision without needing to manipulate or control our external environment. This is one of the most powerful steps in manifestation and the law of attraction. Underneath all of our dreams and goals is a deeper desire to feel a certain way. When we allow ourselves to access this feeling state through self-care and nourishment rather than relying on external conditions to shift and change, then we become congruent with the energy of our vision. We call in that which we are seeking by creating the feeling of having that which we seek in our inner experience.


4) Openness– when we are burnt out and depleted, we may experience unconscious blocks to attracting more clients as a form of self-protection and self-preservation. We may believe we want more clients, but our unconscious mind can sabotage even the best of our mind-generated goals and intentions. In order to be fully open to receiving more client flow, we need to feel energetically open to it. So take the time to truly replenish and nourish yourself. We can open the heart space with yoga and movement in nature, ground the energy with mindful pure nourishment, and clear the heart-mind with meditation. When we take time to fill up, we can give of our surplus and not of our sustenance. We allow our nervous system to relax and our energetic boundaries to come down - feeling safe and supported from within.

5) Creativity and intuition – this is the lifeblood of your business. When you feel blah in your body, creativity wanes and you don’t have the juice required to create aligned content and show up with inspired solutions for clients. When we are up in the headspace our desire to control and manipulate can really hinder our ability to tap into unbridled creativity. Self care and nourishment allow us to drop back into the body and act as an open vessel for source. When we are anchored in the body, we are open to the various avenues for intuitive insight. Movement like dance, yoga, jogging, hiking, and skiing and prana-rich foods all awaken shakti, the divinely feminine force of creation within.

6) The Root Chakra – Nourishment, Movement, and Stillness are essential self-care practices for the health of the root chakra. The root chakra governs our ability to manifest, experience abundance, and lead with presence. When our root chakra is balanced, we feel a connection to our purpose in life and a strong sense of self. We are anchored into our right to be here, to take up space in the world, to be visible and to be seen.

When we come from this place of deep inner congruency, connection, presence, openness, and creativity we are able to spread our message out in the world in a way that feels pure and authentic. If we neglect to nourish ourselves deeply, to rest, and replenish, then we won’t have the basic energy to carry out the actions of the will. Life becomes dry, lacking in pleasure, play, and delight, and then eventually we burn out completely. And what fun is following your dreams and creating a soul-aligned business if you burn yourself out in the process?

Everything, and I mean everything, is interrelated. If you are efforting, pushing and forcing your way in business without results, then take a beat. Come back home to self with nourishment and Divine Self care.

Here are some powerful Self Care and Nourishment Practices to Open the Doorway to Abundance in your business:

1) Enjoy meals with your body, mind, and soul. Come home to your body, connect with how you feel, and drop into the here and now.

2) Journal on the ways that you are depriving yourself of true nourishment and self-care. Is there a lingering belief that you aren’t worthy of the time, love, and space? You are worthy. Of bliss, of abundance, of receiving, and of taking up space in this gigantic magical world that’s waiting for you to take a big inhale and step fully into your power and light.

3) Soften and allow yourself to receive one truly loving act of self-care each day. It could be a slow, sensual yoga class, a silent sit in heart-connection, a gentle walk in nature, or reading poetry wrapped in your coziest blanket with a cup of your favorite tea.

4) Reflect: Are you comfortable opening to receive? If you are feeling a lack of abundance in your life, whether that be with money, clients, love, joy, _______ , then open to receive. We can’t accept an offering with a fist clenched tightly shut. In order to receive abundance and nourishment, we need to relax into the experience with an open heart and mind. Ever heard the saying, “How we do one thing in life is how we do everything?” If you’re not energetically open to deep soul sustenance, then you likely also have blocks up to receiving adoration, visibility, abundance, client flow, and more. By being fully open to receiving self-care and nourishment, you also start to reinforce this energetic state in other areas: your finances, your relationships, your business, inviting in more joy and play, etc. Allow life to fill you up by opening to receive.

Taking the time to slow down, nourish the body and spirit, and really get present and connected in the body can create massive business flow where things begin to work without doing anything different in your business. Yes of course you’ll also need the systems and structures in place in your business that will help you give generously to your tribe and spread the message you are here to share. But first we begin within. The animating life force of your business is not the marketing structures; it’s this inner connection and presence.


The Sneaky Thief of Fulfilling Work, Vitality & Joy


The tireless and fruitless pursuit for perfection is a pattern that shows up in every area of life from business to relationships to health.  And if I was to pinpoint the top factor that holds my clients back from truly leading in the world in the way that sets their heart on fire, it’s perfection.

The search for the perfect business, perfect relationship, perfect body, perfect diet, perfect marketing strategy, perfect morning routine, the perfect YOU NAME IT, is an illusory and dead-end pattern that always, always, always leads to a feeling of failure, unworthiness, and “not quite good enough”.  Perfectionism is a major root of stuckness and stagnation.  And, if we don’t pay attention, we’ll put perfection so high up on a pedestal that the quest will begin to rob us of our vitality and joy, leading only to apathy, depression, exhaustion, and burnout.

We’ve been trained culturally to believe that the quest for perfection is virtuous.  How many times have you heard someone proudly announce that they are a self-professed perfectionist and wear it like a badge of honor.

With perfectionism, there is no middle way.  It’s either perfect or not.  So as with all things, we need to create right relationship to success and performance.  Yes, set the bar high. Yes, do your very best in each moment.  Act in integrity and challenge yourself to grow.

Perfectionism is a construct created by the mind.  So if perfection is coming up, then take some actions to get embodied.  Do yoga, eat a meal slowly, get out into nature and soak it all in with your senses. When your mind starts running the show, deciding on the parameters that must be met in order to feel good enough, drop in dear one.  Slow down and tune in.  In order to evolve beyond our perfection-seeking patterns we must tune into body wisdom and intuition and respond.

If you’re looking for perfection in all the wrong places (your business, your body, your diet, your health, your relationship), then it’s a sure sign that you’re disconnected from the Divine.  When we’re disconnected from source, we begin to “play God” in our own lives.  Perfectionism becomes a symbolic substitute for all that is.

Surrender into Love and Trust that everything is unfolding in an imperfectly perfect way.  You don’t need to be perfect to be good enough.  You don’t need to be perfect in order to experience your wholeness.

You are enough.  You are whole already.  When you show up with love and empty presence, without a need to be, do, or say anything “perfectly”, you allow the perfection of the Divine to shine through.

Embrace Authenticity & Vulnerability To Lead with Integrity

So...I've been playing a lot with the ideas of vulnerability and authenticity lately.  These are two qualities that I'm so passionate about embodying in every aspect of my life, from my personal relationships to my business.  I find that the two seem to go hand in hand, and, when required the most, are often preceded by some level of fear and self doubt.  You see, I've always known that I'm a creator and teacher at my core, but for years I suppressed these soul urges. I tried to prove to myself that I was enough for such a role with years and years of schooling and jobs that kept me from needing to take a risk or claim my gifts.    As I step into this opportunity for creating authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency, where before they were lacking, my little mind whispers, "Who do you think you are to do this?"  and "Why should people listen to you!?"

I breathe deeply, reconnecting with my deep soul urge to create, to teach, and to express, and I know that no degree of fear is worth the dullness that comes from holding back.  It's amazing how our little minds have the ability to convince us that we are doing the world a favor by holding back and playing small.  Are we afraid of judgment and criticism?  Failure? Creating expectations that we won't be able to live up to?  Are we just waiting for the time when we are finally "perfect" to grace the world with our presence?

For me, its been a little bit of all of the above; but in terms of professionalism, my tendency towards perfectionist ideals probably takes the cake.  It's taken me a long time to realize that perfection doesn't exists.  We are always an evolving work in progress, and, thank God or life would be pretty damn boring.  Join the movement and step into an area where you are holding back on being fiercely authentic. Breaking through the initial fear is well worth the increased experience of fulfillment, connection, and vibrancy that you will feel in your life.

Start by embracing vulnerability and announce your intention in the comment section!  Lots of love to you!

Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energies for Sustainable Success

Moon Clouds Skies

For truly fulfilling and sustainable success, we need the energies of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine to be working in balance as an orchestrated pair.

When we neglect the energy of the Divine Feminine, we burn ourselves out, but without integrating the sacred masculine we can become completely stagnant and incapable of bringing our inspired ideas into manifestation.

Ida, Yin, Feminine, and Lunar are all ways of categorizing one branch of energy. Both men and women have this energy. This lunar energy, when balanced is loving, caring, compassionate, intuitive, inspirational, nurturing, devotional, and grounded. Lunar energy corresponds to our inner soul. It calms the mind and increases our experience of serenity. It is restorative and magnetic. This energy is dominant from the time of the new moon to the full moon.

Pingala, Yang, Masculine, and Solar are all ways of describing an energy that is motivational, ambitious, willful, and manifesting.

I learned the powerful lesson of balancing lunar and solar energies for internal harmony, enduring vitality, and health in my own life after years of repeating the same pattern. Each spring, I would come alive with energy and life force. I would exploit this new found energy by enhancing it with stimulants like coffee, while overexerting and extending myself and nourishing myself less. After a summer of sunshine, tons of physical activity, extroversion, multitasking, meal skipping, skimping on sleep, lots of coffee, and a pace too rapid to maintain, I would crash at the first signs of fall. I learned firsthand that what goes up must come down.   Yet for years I resisted this realization and would survive through the fall and winter months just awaiting the new breath of spring. Instead of being a beautifully introspective time, fall and winter became a battlefield of depression, fatigue, and overeating. I was depleting my lunar reserves during the summer months without any attention to meditation, rest, and silence. Then I would respond to the experience of feeling totally exhausted and depleted by overeating or self soothing with too much TV.

I was doing my best to try and self medicate or self soothe, but the quick fixes I was reaching for weren’t addressing the deep depletion of lunar or feminine energy that had been created during the warmer months.

I wasn’t aware that what I really needed was to boost and replenish this lunar energy so that I could experience the success without the burnout.

Respecting Nature’s Cycles

Just as nature’s active yang season of growth is followed by a yin season of dormancy and hibernation, we also experience the same energetic ebbs and flows. It’s important to respect and honor these cycles that repeat themselves every 24 hours with day and night, each month with the lunar cycles, each season, each year, and across the span of our lives. If we surrender to the flow of nature, we are able to find ease and balance.

Otherwise, we get stuck in exhausting patterns of striving and efforting that always feels like we are swimming upstream because we are attempting to impose our will on a force much greater than we can conceive of with our minds.

As much as possible start to become more familiar with the patterns of your natural world. Get outside during the day and take a stroll beneath the moonlight at night. Enjoy the outdoors during every season and observe what is happening in the natural world around you. The more aware of your natural surroundings and rhythms that you become, the more you will realize that you are in a conversation with the natural world. Your internal world is deeply impacted by the greater experience that you are a part of.

Observing the cycles of the moon is a great place to begin. The Lunar cycle influences the tides, women’s monthly cycles, human emotions, and physical activities. For this reason, the new moon is a wonderful time to begin new endeavors and create new intentions, while the full moon is a great time to get clear on what you are committing to let go of and release.

If you feel ready to create a business and life with sustainable success and abundance without the burnout, then book a free breakthrough session

This is a special session for emerging feminine leaders who are drowning in information about what they should be doing, but lacking the energy, clarity, or followthrough to put it into consistent inspired action; or confused as to how past and current struggles are a doorway into one beautiful, unique calling. 

Revolutionize Your Life One Month at a Time

Spring blossom background. Beautiful nature scene with blooming tree and sun flare. Sunny day. Sprin

I love Spring.  The trees are fully adorned with leaves once again and the foliage is lush and vibrant.  The somatic winter sense of lingering loss is swept away by the freshness of possibility and the promise of new beginnings.

In light of this flurry of new energy, on a beautiful hike through the woods, my friend and I launched into an exciting conversation about the biochemical and emotional underpinnings of habitual behavior and lasting change.  I had just watched a quick clip on YouTube about the biochemistry of change.  Marie Forleo and Todd Herman spoke about how the breaking of old habits or the creation of a new practice floods the bloodstream with dopamine and serotonin.  Our cells are used to the stress hormone, cortisol, instead, and they crave what they are accustomed to.  The cells that replicate crave dopamine and serotonin rather than cortisol.  The cells vibrate in order to shake up their receptor sites to accommodate the influx of these new chemicals.  It can feel uncomfortable, depending on the story we attach to this sensation.  We can either persevere and quickly find ourselves upleveling, or we can self sabotage at this moment.  This is the most important moment, as Todd Herman says, to relax into the process of change.

My friend then shared about how she had been shown a Ted talk that week at work about cultivating a practice for 30 days.  How about cultivating new practices not “to make yourself better, “ to fix yourself,” or “for self improvement,” but rather as a way to keep yourself fresh, exciting, and interesting… because if we aren’t growing we’re dying, right?

Ana Forrest says in her book Fierce Medicine, “People are velcroed to their known and familiar miseries.  Just at the moment they’re faced with the wide-open space of the unknown, they start grabbing at their old paradigm because it’s familiar and not scary. ..You’ve finally stripped off the leashes and tethers- now jump, before you reattach!  Refuse to travel the old neurological pathways.  Create new ones and travel them over and over and over.  This is your quantum leap.  Go!”

A few years ago, I heard my yoga teacher speak about a NASA study during which astronauts wore convex lens goggles, which turned their view of the world upside down.  Around days 25 to 30, something amazing began to occur.  The astronauts all saw the world right side up once again with the goggles on.  This study showed that it takes approximately 30 days for the brain to rewire its neural pathways in order to accommodate a new reality that it has grown habituated to.   NASA conducted a second study where the astronauts removed their goggles for 24 hours on day 15.  In order to achieve the same results as the previous study the astronauts had to wear their goggles for an additional 25 to 30 days.

So…I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and I’ve been inspired to cultivate a fresh practice every 30 days as a life practice to stay interesting, continue to grow and evolve, and challenge myself in fresh and exciting ways.

I started by making a list of all of the possibilities that really lit me up at this point in time.  Get crazy with this exercise.  It’s really quite entertaining to imagine all of the amazing things that you can start to bring into your life!  Once I had compiled my list, I took a moment to come back home and feel into my body for a sec.

  • What am I wanting to create for myself?
  • What has my energetic state been like lately?
  • How do I feel in my body and spirit and mind right now?
  • What am I wanting to feel in my life more these days?

My Response?

I wanted to feel Shakti/  life force/ vibrancy coursing through my body.  I wanted to feel strength in my core and grace in each step.  I wanted a somatic release for stagnant remnants of fear and anxiety.  I wanted to reconnect to the athlete, the warrioress, within.  I wanted physical strength to give rise to emotional and mental fortitude.  I wanted to challenge myself to step into my power in the world, to have a felt sense of THRIVING once again, to rise up and shine forth.

I scanned my list, landing with each option for a brief moment to ponder the possible outcomes of each.  I chose the option that pulled me in and felt most in alignment with these core desires.


Then I created some specificity around it… because I know how clever my little mind can be at the end of a long day about negotiating what constitutes as movement without the higher good of my whole being in mind.

I know I need flexibility and the freedom to make conscious decisions based on my current needs and time constraints.  So I created options with specified durations.  I choose either a 30 minute run or bike, 60 minutes of dancing, yoga or walking, or 15 minutes of high interval training.  I also know that I have a track record of bailing on evening workouts, and needed the flow and inspiration that movement creates for the rest of my work throughout the day.  So I decided I would move everyday in the morning.

What 30 day practice are you inspired to cultivate?

Announce your practice for the next 30 days below!

My favorite exercise resources:

The Yoga Studio App- awesome app for home yoga classes when time is tight

Nike Training Club App- Love this app for intense and short workouts when I only have 15 minutes to squeeze a workout in


“5 Steps To Change Your Life and Make It Stick” By Marie Forleo:

A Four Step Process for Overcoming Ruts and Reaching Your Goals

Green hills glowing by warm sunlight at twilight. Dramatic scene. Colorful sky, red clouds. Carpathi

Several years ago I had the opportunity to take a year and travel around South America.  While living there, I was deeply drawn to the summits and rough terrain of the Andes.  I sought out mountaineering trips in Patagonia and then, upon traveling north, set out to summit Aconcagua, one of the Seven Summits of the world. I had chosen a trip that traversed the Guanacos Valley route, a lesser-travelled route to the summit.  Unlike the normal route, it was relatively untouched and much longer, taking about 19 days.

Reaching to 22,837 ft, this mountain was a sure to teach me a lesson or two on the art of perseverance, mental fortitude, and emotional endurance.  What I didn’t realize was that it would also teach me the art of surrendering to the journey.

Our highest camp was at 19,000 feet.  The air grew thin and breathing became a struggle.  Sleep was scarce with violent winds and disrupted breathing patterns due to a lack of oxygen.  At that altitude, each step is slow, methodical, and rhythmic.  Each foot placement is carefully chosen so as not to send scree and rubble falling back onto the person behind you.

As we climbed, hour after hour, day after day, I quickly became aware of the impact that my thoughts and perceptions had on my experience.  When I was fretting about how exhausted I was, how much longer we would be climbing, what the next bit of terrain would be like, etc, I suffered and grew weary with the journey.  With a heightened awareness around this, I quickly adjusted my approach.  I relaxed into the coordinated rhythm of breath and pace, and focused on my immense appreciation for the experience and my surroundings.  The journey to the summit became enjoyable, much more precious, and much less difficult.

As I look back, I can see that the very same lessons that allowed me to thrive on the climb to the summit of Aconcagua are the same principles that I now help my clients to embody on their quest for sustainable business success.

These are the same principles that I return to again and again, when I lose my center and the journey starts to feel more arduous than exciting.

Before I share these principles, let's first look at some common situations that describe those who are stuck in an ongoing struggle with weight and health.

Vintage Photo Of Beautiful Green Springtime Forest Landscape

1)   Lost in the Woods

Many times we become blinded by our resistance and dissatisfaction with what is and how far away from our goal we are. We abandon the active pursuit of our desires.  We may be drowning in information, weighed down by the fear of failure, or confused by conflicting advice; either way, we are not actively involved in the climb to the summit.  We are stuck under a pile of maps, unsure of what path to take and frustrated that we aren't any closer to the summit.

We may have even abandoned feeling our desire for what it is that we are trying to achieve.  It may exist as an abstract thought in our head, but it no longer resides in our body and we no longer have the felt sense that its attainment is possible.

We become disenchanted, discouraged, and apathetic towards the idea of ever reaching our goal.

2)   Swimming Upstream

In this scenario, we approach every day as though it is a boot camp.  We are taking actions each day to help get ourselves to where we want to go, but we are driven from a place of fear and self attack.  We feel as though relaxing into what is, means giving up on their goal, which creates even more fear and resistance around embracing the present moment exactly as it is.

Intense strategies that originate from a place of fear and self attack create and perpetuate a chronic low-level stress response.  Overtime this leads to BURNOUT and chronic depletion.  While our strategies may be effective under different circumstances, when done with an attitude of force, they become destructive and counter-productive.

We forge ahead unskillfully.  We lose sight of the beauty of the journey, wanting only to summit.  We clumsily climb upwards, quickly running out of the physical energy and mental endurance that is required to reach our destination.  Our pace is not synced up with our breath and we struggle to get a deep enough breath for our mismanaged pace.

3)   Swimming Upstream While Lost in the Woods

In this scenario, we oscillate between the two scenarios described above.  We push and push to reach our goal while hating the parts of the journey along the way, and then, when we are utterly burnt out and have still not arrived we throw our hands up in the air in defeat.  We unravel map after map thinking that we must be on the wrong path because we don't seem to be getting any closer to the summit.  We stand still, longing for the attainment of our desires while indulging in behaviors that will bring us anywhere but where we are trying to go.  We experience a deep resistance to the reality that surrounds us, thinking that anything other than where we are trying to go is unacceptable.

I often tell clients that they need to first love where they are at before they can get where they want to go.  Many people fear that if they love and appreciate where they are in that moment, then they won’t have the motivation to get where they want to go. But I’m not asking clients to give up on their deep desires or goals.  I’m just asking them to enjoy the moments that fall between now and the time when they manifest what they are working towards... to appreciate every step of the journey rather than just longing for the destination.

So what’s the solution?  How do we create movement and evolve when it feels like we’restuck in quicksand?  The answer is somewhat of a paradox, but time and again I’ve seen it to be true.

When we resist what is while trying to get where we want to go, we stay stuck in our tracks.  You’ve heard it before: “What we resist, persists”.  Resistance keeps us swimming against the current.  Getting nowhere.  It’s a shortcut to burnout, apathy, and frustration.

So if you’ve identified at all with this post, experiment with the following Four-Step Process:

1)   Define your Goal – What are you desiring most right now in your life?  Desire- it’s not a dirty word.  Own your desire and feel it in your body.  Let your desire breathe passion and life into your efforts.  When the action steps along the way feel like tedious to-do’s, take a moment and reconnect with the feeling of your desire in your body.

2)   Each day ask yourself: "What actions can I take today that will get me one step closer to my goal?"

3)   Become aware of actions that are out of alignment with your deepest desires.  Feel the discord that such actions create within your being each and every time you indulge yourself with such actions.  With awareness and embodiment, these habits often lose their grip.  There is no need to force or push against them.

4)   Surrender to the flow of the present moment.  Relax into the breath, trust in the unfolding, and practice gratitude for your here and now.

5) Anytime you start to get stuck in addictive and sticky thought patterns about how things should be rather than how they are, or anytime you start to attack yourself, redirect your thoughts instead to something small that you can be grateful for in this moment.

How to Cultivate a Daily Meditation Practice & Why it's Worth Your Time

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You know those moments when you hear a song or see a movie and it wakes up some deeply stored cellular memory within you?

This happened to me the other day. I was watching the movie Enough Said and the main character was saying goodbye to her daughter as she boarded the flight to head off to college. Before I even realized it my eyes flooded with tears, and I started sobbing with this immense sense of grief.

About 13 years ago, I left for college in San Diego, 2,000 miles away from home, when my Dad was in the final month of his life. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer 3 months earlier. For the first month of school, I was in denial, unsure of how to fully assimilate my experience as it was happening.

A month later I came back for his funeral. I was admittedly anesthetized from compulsively overeating sticky buns that morning, and honestly remember very little. Bits and pieces.

What I remember with clarity was the moment I said goodbye to my mom that day in the Milwaukee Airport. My dad now gone, our family home and much loved land being sold to the highest bidder, and my mom doing her best to keep it all together after losing the love of her life. I felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest.

This moment was the final piece that left me feeling without stability, support, or sense of home. I say final piece because the physical experience of losing my home and family as I knew it was secondary to a longer process of abandoning my body and my heart.

And so this overwhelmingly uncomfortable experience of “homesickness” began. For years this was the only word that accurately portrayed my emotional experience. What I realized was that this feeling of being homesick was there whether I was travelling alone in South America or back in Cedarburg, Wisconsin celebrating Thanksgiving with my mom and brothers.

The feeling eased with time and the more I grew into myself as an adult. Being in the mountains and in nature always felt like home. And then I found meditation.

I had an on-again, off-again relationship with meditation for years, studying under many wonderful teachers but never quite experiencing the full power of a consistent daily practice for more than a few months at a time. Many times I was doing it from a place of ego. Trying to get somewhere with my practice or create a particular outcome. It was one more “should” on my list of to-do’s that lacked heart and the purity of presence. It wasn’t until my separation and subsequent divorce that I truly experienced the magic of meditation. I was consumed by questions that had no answers, and the thoughts in my head seemed too great to bear. And so, I did the only thing that I could do to not go insane. I surrendered. I dropped into my body and my heart. And I felt home, even for just a moment. I’d feel the warmth of love, the comfort of trust, and the sense of being held by something so much greater than myself: call it Cellular Intelligence, Spirit, Love, God. And I’d remember.

There are still times when I forget, and my practice gets gobbled up by to-do lists, but every time I return to the practice, drop into my heart, and let my breath carry me back home, I feel whole again.

Here are some of the many reasons behind the magic of a daily meditation, contemplative prayer, or remembering practice:

  • Meditation turns on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the mode for rest and relaxation and the state in which all healing takes place. Most of us launch ourselves into the go-go-go-do-do-do mode of the sympathetic nervous system from the moment our alarm goes off and we reach to check our phones in the wee hours of the morning. We abandon ourselves in a constant state of reaction, depriving ourselves of the richness of being. If you want to heal health issues, persistent habitual patterns and compulsions, or deleterious ways of thinking and perceiving, then it is so important to intentionally create this sense of calm and peace in your day so that healing can take place on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.
  • Next, when we meditate, we connect into the energetic seat of the self, which is the heart. We create intimacy with our heart, allowing it to soften and open. From this connection we create more meaningful relationships and experiences with life.
  • We turn our awareness back to the pure experience of being ourselves. Many women I work with find themselves acting out of a desire to please others. They have lost touch with who they would be without this experience of constantly seeking approval and external validation. Meditation is a practice that allows us to remember who we are.
  • Many times, when we are trying to change our eating or lifestyle habits, we find ourselves derailed by impulsive cravings and disembodied choices. In an instant of reactivity, we throw resolve and intention to the wind. In order to make empowered choices we need to slow down enough to realize that a choice exists in each moment. It’s only from a place of deep inner presence that you can learn what your body and soul actually need for healing to take place.
  • Meditation teaches us the patience and skill of sitting with uncomfortable feelings, emotions, and impulses. Through a meditation practice we develop grace in the difficult moments by being and breathing without attaching to emotions or thoughts.
  • We begin to start training that little monkey brain to stay focused and steadfast on the commitment and intention at hand. These days we’re so used to multitasking that our minds are no longer trained to focus and follow-through on one singular focus or intention. This has powerful ramifications for our work, our personal development, our creative pursuits, our relationships, and so much more.

Here are some tips to help you create a daily meditation practice or rediscover the juice within your current practice:

1) It only takes 5 minutes. 5 Minutes of silent, compassionate, mindful meditation is better than 20 minutes of sitting in a distracted state of daydreaming. If you feel inspired to go longer, by all means, do so.

2) Start by creating the container. Light a candle; use essential oils like rose, which opens up the heart space, or light some incense.

2) Everything you need is already within you. No need for fancy guided meditations. In fact, if your pattern is to abandon your heart space and dwell in your mind, I strongly recommend experimenting with silent rather than guided meditation. When we intentionally create the space to drop in without distractions and with loving awareness and curiosity, we create more intimacy and an easeful connection with ourselves.

3) Strip away the dogma and drop the push and force. Focus on the intention of bringing your attention back to the present moment over and over again. When thoughts, sensations, and feelings arise, just label them kindly and return to the seat of your awareness.

4) Make this practice your own. Not ready to sit on a meditation cushion with your eyes closed? Totally cool! Pour yourself a warm cup of tea or lemon water and take a seat outside in the cool morning breeze. Let yourself drop into your body, your heart, and gratitude for the present moment. Nourish yourself with the breath.

Now I know, I know, you might be tempted to read this and then discard it. To stay trapped on that little hamster wheel of ideas without action and implementation. I know the resistance you may be feeling. I know it well. After all, how can something so simple be so powerful? It’s easy to be seduced by complex, scientific and cutting-edge and in the process we often overlook the power of 5 minutes of presence.

This resistance comes up with almost every woman I work with. They want the fix, the perfect diet, the magical potion in a supplement bottle, the perfect morning ritual. And meditation is often the very last thing they are willing to try, feeling the desperation of hitting rock bottom. Because this practice, unlike following a diet or exercising more or reading this book and following that plan, actually requires us to surrender when we are addicted to a compulsion to struggle and control. But until we learn to be with ourselves in silence and with gentle, loving awareness, it’s very hard to heal our relationship with our lives. We continue to live in reaction to fleeting impulses and compulsions- overworking, overeating, binge drinking, drugs, numbing out to TV and the internet, struggling, resisting, judging - rather than acting from the pulse of aliveness.

Give it a try. Just for a week. And please do share any experiences you have below!

Why Resolutions Fail

Morning Butterfly On Green Meadow..

As we begin the New Year many of us have made well-meaning intentions to eat better, exercise more, watch less TV, (fill in the blank with whatever vow you made for 2015).  Others have given up entirely on the notion of New Year’s Resolutions having broken one too many over the years, abandoning integrity in the process.

Behind the resolution making and the resolution breaking lies one thing: a deeper desire to experience more joy, love, and abundance.

Yet it’s not uncommon to lose sight of this in the rigidity and striving or in the guilt induced states of self incrimination after the resolution has been broken.

Why, so often, are we successful and capable in so many areas of our life when we seem to flounder in following through on the promises we make to ourselves around health and happiness?

Many psychologists believe that when we were around the age of 6 to 8 years old, we developed a subconscious belief about life that informed how much love, abundance, and joy we believed we were worthy of or capable of experiencing.

Over the years, I have become increasingly aware of the ways in which I close myself off to the flow of love, positivity, and abundance.  This can look different for everyone:

  • Maybe you self sabotage in the area of health and vitality by bingeing  on foods that profoundly affect your physiology, dropping you quickly into a state of depression and anxiety. 
  • When you eat that piece of chocolate cake do you savor every bite, relishing in the pleasure of the experience, or do you scarf it down with feelings of guilt, resisting the experience of pleasure?
  • When you are experiencing vitality, radiance, and strength in your physical body after a stretch of really inhabiting your body and caring for yourself with healthy, whole foods, fresh air, sunshine, and movement, do you disengage from your body, stuffing yourself with devitalized foods, depriving yourself of fresh air and movement?
  • Perhaps you deflect compliments or positive feedback instead of gracefully receiving them.
  • Or maybe you create conflict and drama in your relationships when things are going really well.

I realized, personally that I had programmed myself to believe that it was better to keep myself from feeling truly alive, blessed and happy for extended periods of time, then to feel the loss that can happen when good things fall away.

As Gay Hendricks points out in the book The Big Leap,

We need to be able to create space within to feel and appreciate natural good feelings.  When we don’t allow ourselves to feel positive feelings we actually create resistance to good things happening in our lives.

If our intentions fail because we have not created the space or expansion to let in more joy, abundance, and love in our life or because we ultimately feel as though we are not deserving of it, how do we create a shift on a profound subconscious level?

Here are some implementation steps we can take in order to create a shift.  Many times awareness itself is enough to instigate subtle transformation in the way we show up in our lives.

1)      Trust in the perfection of the unfolding.  When we allow ourselves to get carried away in the daydream of our thoughts we can find fault with the way that life is naturally unfolding.  But who are we to think that our idea of how things should be happening is supreme to the grand wisdom of the universe?  When your thoughts begin to creep in, making the present moment wrong, relax into breath.  Feel the flow and be open to having the gifts of every situation be revealed to you in their own time.

2)      Connect to a pleasure-filled activity everyday and allow yourself to receive it fully.  Savor every second.  Perhaps you treat yourself to a bath with essential oils or you get a massage.  Maybe you make some time to just lay and be with your partner or savor a glass of red wine with some soul-soothing music.  Find out what would feed your mind, body, and soul in this moment.

3)      Make sure your resolutions are actually in alignment with what you really want.  Maybe you want to lose weight so you decide to go to the gym and slave away on the machines for a half an hour.  Ask yourself, “Why do I want to lose weight?”  Is it to feel sexy, alive, and experience increased vitality?  Is there a better way to get there that allows you to feel that way RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT?  Maybe dancing or a long walk in nature would actually make you much happier and sexier.  Or going on a bike ride with your kids or playing out in the snow.  Step into the experience of what you want to feel then, NOW.

4)      Meditate or sit in quiet contemplation each morning.  Allow thoughts to drift away as you bring your awareness to an experience of expanding light and warmth within.  Surrender to your experience rather than efforting to create the experience that your mind desires.  Perhaps there is a short phrase that really allows you to drop in and feel an expanding sense of peace.  Repeat it silently in your mind as you sit.  Allow the words to melt like molasses, percolating through every cell in your body.  Mantras can be great when thoughts are especially persistent.

Thank you for reading and much love to you!  Please take the time to share your experience below!

The Dance of the Feminine and Masculine

For men and women alike, its so important to integrate qualities of the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) in a balanced and harmonious way for optimal health and well being.  Several years ago, I noticed that I was living my life in a way that felt like I was always running uphill.  In the wake of my my dad's death, I sought control and an artificial sense of strength in rigidity.  I approached everything with an intensity that was unyielding and masculine (yang) in its nature.  Aggressive, competitive, forceful, adventurous, and self reliant.  I worked out excessively and intensely, followed strict diets with rigid rules and calorie counting, spent a year on my own traveling in South America, and searched out experiences like month long mountaineering expeditions on 23,000 feet summits to reach my greatest limits in enduring discomfort.  I felt disembodied, struggled with anxiety, depression, and hormonal imbalances.

Towards the end of my travels, I sought out respite in a small farm and yoga community outside of Cordoba, Argentina.  After a couple of weeks, the owners, Pepe and Lilliana, began speaking with me about cultivating and embracing qualities of the feminine (yin) more in order to create healing.  The feminine, or yin, is receptive, intuitive, nurturing, sensitive, warm, gentle, and yielding.  But it is also stormy, unpredictable, and emotional.  Embodying these qualities would mean giving up my false sense of control, which seemed unlikely at the time.

This delicate dance of embodying the masculine along with the feminine has become an invaluable aspect of my journey.  An easy place to play with this balance is in your yoga or physical practice, whether that's running, cycling, swimming, dance, etc.  When the feminine and masculine are in balance, we step into discomfort by extending, within reason, outside of our current limitations in order overcome the mental constraints of fear and attachment.  We do so, not with force or efforting, but with allowance and surrender.  Enter into the realm of discomfort in your next yoga class or training session.  Maybe its doing inversions if you usually pick that time to run to the bathroom or maybe its in adding in a sprint on your run.  Once in discomfort, notice if you are tensing up at your jaw, temples, or shoulders.  Allow the skin to soften and invite in a feeling of relaxation while in the realm of what is possible between your previous limitations and the unknown.

How to Nourish Yourself for Mental Clarity, Stable Energy & Creative Flow

Fruits and vegetables on rustic background

As entrepreneurs and soulful leaders, it's essential that we make the time to nourish ourselves. Unfortunately too many of us end up knee deep in creative projects, neglecting the act of nourishment that keeps our energy grounded and our mind clear.  

I've never been one for meal planning.  I like the freedom of choice and spontaneous creativity at meal times.  So the keys for me are smart shopping, easeful meal templates, and sous-chef Sundays!

Smart Shopping

I strongly believe that healthy eating begins with smart grocery shopping.  If your fridge is empty and your fruit bowl is gathering dust, then it can be easy to head to your neighborhood bar for a burger or order in pizza on a whim.

My recommendation is to stock your kitchen with a plethora of live foods (fresh vegetables and fruits), healthy fats, and high quality proteins so that every meal is a formula for optimal energy, mood, appetite regulation, and weight.

Nonstarchy Vegetables:

  • Leafy Greens: Kale, Spinach, Collards, Dandelion and Beet Greens, Arugula, Chard, Watercress, Romaine, Etc.
  • Sprouts and Microgreens
  • Herbs: Cilantro, Parsley, Basil, Etc.
  • Cruciferous Vegetables: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage
  • Rainbow Vegetables: Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Mushrooms, Zucchini and Summer Squash, Eggplant, Asparagus, etc.
  • Onions and garlic


  • Wild Alaskan Salmon, Anchovies, Sardines, Mussels, Herring, Pacific Cod, and Responsibly Farmed Rainbow Trout
  • Organic, Pasture-Raised Meat, Poultry, Eggs, and Dairy
  • Grass-fed Collagen
  • Nuts and Seeds: Almonds, Chia seeds, Hempseeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Flaxseeds, Etc.
  • Fermented soy (miso, tempeh, natto, etc)
  • Lentils
  • Goat’s or Sheep’s Cheese or Raw, Organic Cow’s Milk Dairy

Starchy Carbohydrates:

  • Starchy Vegetables: Yams, Sweet potatoes, Potatoes, Beets, Carrots, Pumpkin, and Winter squash
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Low glycemic fruits: All Berries, Apples, Pears, Stone Fruits
  • Quinoa


  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Macadamia Nut Oil
  • Ghee and Pastured butter
  • Avocados
  • Olives in brine
  • Raw Nuts and Seeds- soaked
  • Cod liver oil and High quality Fish Oil
  • EFA oil blends (Evening Primrose, Borage, Sunflower seed, Flaxseed, etc).

Other Goodies:

  • Dark Chocolate: 70% or greater
  • Green Tea
  • Herbal Teas: I highly recommend Tulsi Tea in Jasmine and Rose flavors and Dandelion Root Tea
  • Kombucha
  • Coconut Water Kefir
  • Whole Sweeteners in Small amounts: Raw Honey, Coconut Nectar, Maple Syrup, Molasses, Brown Rice Syrup, Coconut Sugar, Date Sugar
  • Superfoods: Maca, Manuka Honey, Greens Powder, etc.
  • Spices: Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, etc.
  • Pure Vanilla Extract

Sous-Chef Sunday

Every week set aside one day a week, I like Sunday, to prepare foods so that you can create healthy meals in a cinch during the week. Stock your fridge with chopped up ready-to-eat vegetables, cooked healthy proteins, and prepared healthy comfort foods. That way you’ll be less tempted to reach for lower quality (and flavor) convenience foods when life gets busy. You’ll also have convenient options to keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day.

  • Start by cleaning your kitchen and fridge: Toss expired foods, clean down shelves with soapy water, wash jars and food storage containers, and store bulk foods in glass mason jars.
  • Pull out a bulk recipe for the week: A giant pot of chili, eggplant lasagna, soup, stew or a casserole dish.
  • Go to the grocery store or farmer's market and stock up on local, seasonal produce, free-range, organic meat, poultry, and eggs, wild fish, nuts and seeds. Shop from the lists below.
  • Browse Amazon or Vitacost online for good prices on hempseeds, chia seeds, quinoa, almond flour, etc. and Vital Choice for Wild Salmon and fish
  • Turn on some good music to get yourself in the mood
  • Take out knives, a large wooden cutting board, a salad spinner, glass Tupperware containers, and a fresh clean towel
  • Prepare ingredients for quick meals throughout the week
  • Wash and Chop up a rainbow of vegetables for quick grab and go salads, sautés, bakes, and scrambles
  • Clean greens and spin until dry
  • Peel, chop, and freeze bananas in glass container for quick “ice cream”
  • Have dry ingredients ready to go in glass jars in the fridge – sunflower or pumpkin seeds, hempseeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, raw almonds- slivered, sliced, or whole, walnuts, and shredded coconut
  • Cook up some chicken breasts
  • Hard boil a batch of eggs
  • Prepare a salad dressing for the week in a tiny mason jar
  • Bake yams, winter squash, or red potatoes

Easeful Meal Template

Fill the plate, bowl, or blender with two handfuls colorful nonstarchy vegetables, a fist-size portion of starchy carbohydrate, and one palm-sized portion of organic high quality protein. Finish the meal off with a healthy fat. See how you feel with this ratio and tweak it as needed.

Are Your Emotions Running the Show? Learn how to Reclaim Your Personal Power and Live Your Life Intentionally


For many years, I related to my body and my life like a controlling tyrant. I was always pushing myself intensely and without compassion. I was driven by an insatiable quest for perfection, and in the process, I only ended up feeling more and more inadequate, and more and more exhausted. Eventually I burnt out. And then I saw what it was like to live on the other side of the spectrum. Ruled by emotional states, always searching for the easiest, safest, and most comfortable route. Neither experience was empowering, and the feeling of freedom and flow continued to elude me. I wasn’t driven by vision in either experience but by fear.

So, naturally, I’m endlessly passionate about helping other women find this sweet spot where intention and embodiment meet. And a crucial part of that awakening is learning how to start listening to the body without being controlled by the emotional experience.

Learning to manage emotions and thoughts is a requirement for personal and spiritual evolution.

We, as a collective here in the Western world are fortunate enough to live in a time of great choice, but many of us are making choices based on feeling states rather than based on what is actually in alignment and integrity with our vision, our desires. We are ultimately allowing our thoughts and emotions to run our lives.

So learning how to feel our moods and emotions while still acting from a place of personal power and choice is essential to create the life that we want for ourselves.

Emotional reasoning shows up when we believe we need to feel a certain way in order to act. We wake up and say, “I’m too tired to exercise, I’m not inspired enough to write, I’m too anxious to meditate, I’m not motivated to do the work that I know I need to do for business success and financial abundance”. This all creates the day-to-day experience of being a victim to our moods and emotions.

And that’s a shortcut to depression.

We activate feelings WITH action, not the other way around. If you feel tired, and you move your body, you’ll activate the flow of life force that you’re missing.

Another way we disempower ourselves is by numbing ourselves to uncomfortable feeling states: Checking out with TV, numbing out with food and alcohol, distracting ourselves with gossip and drama, self-medicating with shopping. Even spiritually bypassing with affirmations, meditation, and more.

This pulls us out of the place where the action really is. Where the power is. And it keeps us stuck in a disempowered and reactive way of living.

When we allow and learn how to be, make space, and open to these energies (depression, disappointment, lust, etc) without checking out and self-soothing, we learn how to harness the power of the emotion and start creating and attracting what we really want in life.

So to connect back into power, it’s important to learn how to welcome and embrace emotions and feelings without resistance. I’m sure you’ve heard the statement, “What we resist, persists.”

If we are resisting feeling sadness, depression, boredom, anger, grief, lust, worry, disappointment, and more, then we’ll just perpetuate and strengthen that emotional experience.

Moods and emotions are feminine in nature, and many of us have repressed or disowned the power of the Divine Feminine over the course of our lives because of conditioning, trauma, and the messages we’ve received within life experiences. So with the disowning of the feminine also comes a deep discomfort with the murkiness of moods, emotions and feelings. A discomfort or fear of the vulnerable, tender, and raw underbelly of our internal experience.

It is important that we empower ourselves around moods, emotions, and feelings. We each need a systematic practice for dealing with emotions as they arise so that they don’t start to control us and pull us away from our most vibrant and loving expression in life (more on that below).

Having a systematic practice for feeling emotions becomes a rich and transformational healing practice. We start harnessing the mind and feeling the power in our emotions, using the power in our emotions for good. We make space for emotion, embrace them and get curious, and then we empower ourselves to take aligned action.

This is the distinction between listening to the body vs. being controlled by feeling states. When we give emotions love, attention, and a healthy container for expression, they don’t control our life.

To evolve spiritually and personally we need to stop overmedicating and start listening. In life, if we want to pursue our desires and dreams and evolve into our fullest potential, then we have to be willing to embrace and be with emotions of all kinds. Welcome your moods and emotions- release your resistance to what is. Feel and let the emotion flow through you. Get out and move your body.

We imagine that the feeling will swallow us whole, but this is just an illusion. Once we actually breathe into the sensation, we realize its not nearly as scary or consuming as we expected it to be.

When an emotion is suppressed and not allowed its natural expression, it eventually comes out as unwanted habit, unwanted symptom, unwanted disease. So on top of depression, you might also develop binge eating, female hormonal imbalances, fatigue, and more if you are in resistance to the natural flows of emotion.

An obsession with body image, a pattern of binge eating, or chronic dieting are all behaviors that can be used as coping mechanisms or compulsions that mask the presence of the emotion and dull the emotional experience.

Eating becomes a way to numb the emotional experience and emotions are never felt in their magnitude. Subconsciously, this is a form of self-protection. But it keeps those who are resisting emotions locked inside of the pattern of binge and overeating. The depression and emotions aren’t actually felt, so they aren’t metabolized.

With binge and overeating, it is essential to practice meeting your feelings. This will likely be a layered experience. Initially you may feel the anxiety, the compulsion of wanting to binge or eat. Then below that there may be another layer of feeling: perhaps disappointment, maybe boredom, maybe sadness, or grief. Just keep working with it.

Many women experience the range of human emotions, the ebbs and flows of the human experience as contraction and restriction around weight and diet. It’s just one more compulsion to distract us from the tender, vulnerable emotional experience. Uncomfortable with the full range of human emotions, we seek out the experience of control through an obsession with weight and health. But it keeps us from feeing the richness of life and it ultimately blocks us from our fullest expression of our potential. When we contract rather than expand in the face of challenge, the soul withers and we lose touch with a sense of freedom and aliveness.

Ready to make a shift from emotional imprisonment to intentional living?  Here are some simple but powerful places to begin:

1) Make a list of all of the behaviors you use to numb, distract, and self-medicate yourself. Notice how these behaviors pull you out of your power and often out of alignment with what you really desire in your life.

2) What on this list can you begin to let go of? Just choose one thing today. Can you use this behavior as a gentle alarm system, letting you know that you’re avoiding feeling an uncomfortable emotion?

3) When you notice that you are acting in reaction to a feeling that you are resisting, breathe. Bring your attention to the sensation in your body. What color is it? What temperature is it? What does it feel like? Don’t try to change or control the sensation. Just meet it with curiosity. Keep breathing. Feel your feet on the floor. What is it asking you to pay attention to? What is it trying to tell you? What do you really need? After the sensation and feeling have lost their power and pull, move on to the next step.

4) Make a list of practices to transform stuck emotions back into free-flowing energy. These are different in that you don’t react or check out of the present experience, but you engage and respond skillfully and compassionately.

Here are some Ideas:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Movement/exercise
  • Dance
  • Getting out in nature
  • Going for a walk
  • Calling best friend
  • Journaling at a cozy coffee shop
  • Music

Thank you, as always, for reading. I’d love to hear from you. Any insights, aha’s or thoughts?

Tell me about it in the comments below with as much as you are comfortable sharing.  Sharing helps us to create profound shifts.  We free up energy spent on shame to use for the pursuit of our dreams and desires and we create connection and healing for others!  So your story could create a breakthrough for someone else!

With so much love and gratitude,


Why Discipline is Actually the Key to Freedom

So why do we need discipline at all? For many of you this might seem like a very obvious answer but for others, discipline may strike you as being this rigid and militaristic construct that keeps us locked into the striving and grasping way of living life. But discipline can lead to the very ease that you are yearning for.

Discipline actually makes manifestation and creation possible in our lives. Manifestation and creation light us up and give our life meaning. Limitation is what creates the container for upward growth. When we live from a place of ease and comfort all of the time, we are ruled by the limits of the mind. We need to strike a balance between effort and surrender. Evolution happens when we are outside of our comfort zone. We can’t transform while simultaneously clinging to safe patterns and habits that give us a false sense of security. We have to shake things up and do things a little bit differently in order to experience different results.

If we push ourselves so hard that our body and mind rebel, we end up taking two steps backward. But when we push ourselves just enough for progressive and gradual expansion of the heart, body, and mind, magic happens and we enter into a new frontier of possibility.

So limitation and boundaries, actually lead to greater freedom when the disciplines that we create allow for the spaciousness for flow and surrender in the present moment.

This is really the same in all of life. Spending money without financial restraints eventually leads to bankruptcy and a life of scarcity. However, if we are able to create a reasonable budget, we manifest a sustainable experience of feeling pretty abundant. When we drink without any concern for our bodies, we end up hung-over as all hell the next day feeling like crap with a headache, no energy, and nausea. However when we find that sweet spot and enjoy a few drinks in moderation, we are able to celebrate in the moment without sacrificing our health or precious days. Eating without limitations leads to a belly ache, health issues, and excess weight which all will eventually limit your freedom. A free schedule without any resemblance of structure leads to laziness and inaction. So you see freedom and limitation create one another. They are like night and day, light and shadow. One does not exist without the other.

For years, I shunned the idea of discipline. The very word made me shudder with the intense feeing that the walls were beginning to close in around me. I’d push back and resist with every cell of my being. I thought discipline was the quickest shortcut to the elimination of my sense of freedom and personal choice. I walked a path of disembodied chaos, swimming in mental constructs of what I should be doing without actually implementing these in my life.

It hit me one day that the most intense suffering in my life was due to the fact that I was stuck in outdated patterns that, while comfortable, were not allowing me to evolve with the natural flow of life. As much as I yearned for career success, vibrant health, joy, and embodiment, I was allowing myself to stay stuck in habitual patterns that kept me from ever reaching my vision of FREEDOM.

When Discipline Doesn’t lead to Freedom

When we create disciplines in our life that are so dense and rigid where there is no room for heart-centered choices in the present moment, life becomes dry and our body and spirit rebel. We’ll oscillate between periods of tight, rigid rules and expectations and then periods where we throw all remnants of discipline to the wind in a downward spiral of disembodied chaos. So discipline that supports upward growth also engages the heart and allows for freedom of choice in the Here and Now. There is spaciousness within the limitation that allows for breathing room, self-expression, and freedom.

 The key is to avoid making your     disciplines so specific with too many   rules or guidelines that make you feel like you are walking a tightrope. When we grasp at order, control, and discipline at the detriment of our life force and experience of flow, nobody wins. Once we loosen the rules and drop the expectations, the “good” and “bad” days fall away. We can show up in the moment, alive in the body, empowered by the freedom of choice.

Think of a really juicy yoga class. Yes, there are the asanas, the poses that give structure to the class. But then there are also the moments for organic movement and flowing transitions, where we feel into what’s alive in the moment and we allow for it’s outward expression.

Heart driven discipline means allowing embodiment and feeling to be the spark to action rather than a set of mentally imposed rules and expectations.

Using Feeling and Desire to Guide Action

When we take the opportunity to connect, come home and engage in self-inquiry about how we want to feel through action, we tap into a deep source of inner power. Creating core rituals allow us to do just that. We then allow how we desire to feel to inspire our commitments, we can actually find much more ease and less striving because we are acting with the current of our flowing desires and passion. The specifics of the daily rituals will vary from day to day in a way that honors the feelings you are desiring in that moment.

Not sure how to create your core rituals or what you should actually be committing to each and every day? In one-one-one coaching programs, we work together to create and personalize the meaningful daily, weekly, and monthly rituals for your business and life.  

Detoxify Your Mind: A 6-Step Process to Transform Toxic Beliefs

 a poppy field close-up

“Every thought we think, every belief we hold, every interpretation we make of what we perceive, leads to every emotion and action we take.” Henry Grayson, PhD.

So many clients that I coach are working diligently to minimize nutritional and environmental toxins in their lives, yet they have paid little attention to clearing away the clouds that dim their inner radiance – the toxic thoughts, stories, words, and perceptions.

Right now, in this moment, you are everything that you need to be and so much more than you can imagine. Unfortunately, our thoughts and perceptions often keep us from seeing this truth. Negative thoughts and stories are powerful self-chosen stressors. And you know the story with stressors of any kind. They halt weight loss efforts by increasing insulin and cortisol and deregulating the appetite, digestion, and assimilation.

Our thoughts are the information and vibration that literally feed every cell of our being from our liver cells to our skin cells. We become what we believe. So, clearing our minds of the negative thoughts is no less important than a healthy diet in overall weight loss, health, and happiness. In this blog I will introduce a series of powerful mind-shifts that have the potential to truly change your life if you allow them to.

Identify Harmful Thoughts

We may repeat words like love and peace as a mantra during our morning meditation, but if the mantras that we repeat all day long goes something like: “I’m not worthy, I’m not loveable, I’m not capable, Nobody sees me…,“ then these are the thoughts that affect your cells most deeply at the end of the day. What are your daily mantras? Examine your thoughts that may be perpetuating a low-level sustained stress response and acknowledge the effect that they have on your vitality.

Re-Storying for Personal Power

So many of us are living as though we are our stories.  Stories are a means to organize and interpret our experience but when we cling too tightly to our stories we are kept from relating in an innocent and pure way with life. Of course we all have our stories and they become the intricate patchwork through which our spirit is woven. However, we are not our stories. Think about the tragic stories that we’ve heard of actors becoming their role and then experiencing severe mental illness.  An actor can play his role so convincingly but if he ever begins to believe that he is his role and no longer sees the space between the two than dysfunction and despair can result, especially if the role is one of darkness.

The same is true for us. If we identify too closely with the tragic stories of our lives, then we stay locked inside of them. But the one thing that is guaranteed in life is change. We are dynamic individuals and our stories of yesterday, are not our stories of today. Unfortunately, many people pull meaning from their stories and allow that meaning to define them throughout the course of their lives, never taking the time to question whether it’s an outdated belief.

What stories do you continue to live inside of? These could be stories around financial and career success, family, self worth, weight, relationships, or health and food.

A Six-Step Process to Transform Negative Thoughts, Beliefs and Stories:

1) Get curious.

2) Write down in the exact words that capture how the limiting story, belief, or thought exists in your mind

3) Next write down what the opposite story, belief, or thought would be.

4) Identify and write down or visualize evidence to support this more positive and empowering story. When we open our minds to new possibilities, we can always find external events that reinforce this alternate reality.

5) Which story do you want to believe? Make the conscious choice. Do you choose to cling to the belief that keeps you locked inside of a dim, small, negative story or the belief that empowers you and anchors you into the experience of love, joy, and gratitude? We are constantly deciding how we are framing and relating to the experiences of our lives.

6) Take an action step to anchor in your new belief, thought, story, or mantra.

Delight in the Here and Now – With Acceptance

Another pattern of relating to life that triggers an ongoing stress response is when we argue with reality or judge the present moment as wrong. I shouldn’t be eating this, He should have done this, I shouldn’t have said that, etc, etc, etc. When we allow ourselves to get carried away in the daydream of our thoughts, we can find fault with the way that life is naturally unfolding.

When your thoughts begin to creep in, making the present moment wrong, relax into breath.  Drop into the beauty and magic of the here and now. Feel the flow and be open to having the gifts of every situation be revealed to you in their own time.

Return to Breath and Gratitude

The above process helps the mind to unleash from sticky stories, but the simple practice of breath and gratitude is the perfect way to counter negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs in the present moment whenever they may arise. When you start to get wrapped up in your negative stories, beliefs, and thoughts, come back to the breath. Breathe deeply, creating the space for compassion and possibility. Surrender to the present moment and trust in the mystery and perfection of its unfolding.  Practice gratitude for your here and now. Anytime you start to get stuck in addictive and sticky thought patterns about how things should be rather than how they are, or anytime you start to attack your body or yourself, redirect your thoughts instead to something small that you can be grateful for in this moment. There is always something to be grateful for. Even the most challenging moments of our lives are opportunities to deepen into the human experience and to find the depths of our strength and courage.

The mental aspects of evolution and change can be the hardest to identify and shift. If you're wanting support, insight, and clarity book your free Vitality & Purpose Breakthrough Session.

Get Unstuck So You Can Deepen Into Aliveness

A few weeks ago I headed west to celebrate my brothers marriage. It was a magical weekend, immersed in the mountains of Montana with family and friends all alive with love and joy. I felt nourished on a level that I haven’t in many, many years. I felt a sense of belonging and rootedness again in the company of my mom and brothers in the Montana Sunshine. And I felt my Dad alive and present in the mountain breeze, in the laughter, and in the loving words and big tears of gratitude shared in his memory.

Since returning back to the South, I’ve felt like I’m desperately trying to find my way back home in the darkness. At first I threw myself into work, catching up on everything that I had fallen behind on while I was away. After too many late nights, I came down with the flu spending the last 7 days lying horizontal. Each day I was sick with the flu, I would wake with the best of intentions, I’d get on my yoga mat, I’d identify what needed to be done, and then… nausea and immense fatigue would get the best of me. I feel my physical energy returning, but this mental haze hangs heavy. From this state of fatigue and haziness, I kept identifying with a story in my head about being "stuck.” But the truth was, I wasn’t actually stuck, I just wasn’t allowing myself to take the pause, surrender, and rest. And from this place moving into action was challenging because my body still needed the rest I wasn’t allowing for.

Lots of times we language our experience in terms of stuckness, but what I’ve come to see is that many times there is more of a dance of surrender and agency. Stuckness seems to result when we are resisting both the times of surrender and the times of action. And it’s the resistance that creates so much pain, struggle and suffering. It’s the judgment and the dissonance between how we believe things should be and how they actually are.

Several years ago I climbed Mt. Rainier via the Kautz Glacier Route. A storm moved in the day we were to summit so we spent a few extra nights at high camp. To entertain ourselves and stay warm we spent the day flinging ourselves down the mountain side, practicing self-arrest. The exercise was thrilling, playful, and the perfect balance of total and complete surrender with personal power and agency. Flying down the side of the mountain, there would come a moment when you were called to self-arrest. In an instant I’d connect to strength, flip myself over, and dig in my crampons and ice ax into the icy snow. Now sometimes the periods of surrender look a lot more like one giant pause than a slip and slide downhill, but you get my drift.

So when you catch yourself in this experience of stuck-ness, here are some steps that I’ve found helpful:

1) Identify if the resistance is to surrender or action. If you feel exhausted, depleted, and worn down, or you feel like you’ve been approaching life with a whole lotta push and force, then it is likely time for some surrender and rest. If you feel stuck, heavy, or in an extended period of complacency, then it’s probably time to connect to personal power and agency.

2) If it’s time to surrender, take some time to rest and relax. These practices help us to reorient to our hearts, slow down, and provide ourselves some deep soul sustenance:

  • Pour yourself a bath and add Epsom salts and relaxing essential oils like rose and lavender
  • Take a slow walk in nature or by water
  • Put on some relaxing music
  • Snuggle up in a blanket and read a good book
  • Light some candles and mindfully prepare a comforting, delicious, and healthy meal. Savor it slowly.
  • Go to a restorative yoga class or practice yoga nidra
  • Head to your favorite coffee shop to read a good book or to write over some herbal tea.
  • Make a date with yourself at your favorite cozy bookstore and immerse yourself in your favorite poetry or fiction.
  • Spend some time by a beach or a river and let the water wash away residual tension and contraction around the experience of surrendering. Be sure to bring a blanket and a thermos of hot tea if it’s chilly out.
  • Spend some time in meditation or prayer

3) If it’s time to move yourself into action, start to increase your energetic vibration first. This way action comes from a place of aliveness rather than push and force. These are practices that will help you reconnect with the vital life force pulsing through you while shaking off that funk:

  • Turn on some upbeat, positive music and shake your booty
  • Create a meal with high vibration living foods (Fresh and local vegetables and fruits)
  • Go for a hike or a playful bike ride outdoors in nature and sunshine
  • Call or meet up with a friend for tea and a lively chat
  • Clean your home and banish the heavy/stagnant energy of clutter
  • Sip Green juice in the sunshine

4) Release judgment around what it looks like. Sometimes surrendering looks more like watching your favorite TV show with a healthy rendition of pizza and chocolate cake. Sometimes action looks like gentle baby steps forward rather than courageous leaps and bounds. Can you let it be what it is, and trust that it’s exactly what you need rather than fighting against it with thoughts of what it should look like instead?

The best place to begin in order to move stuck-ness to alive-ness is the Free Vitality & Purpose Breakthrough Session. Learn more by clicking the button below.

I hope you find these helpful. I’d love to hear what works for you when you notice a feeling of stuck-ness in your own life. So much love to you and yours and please let me know if I can be of service to you as you cultivate a more conscious and loving relationship with food, body, and self care.