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Hello + Welcome!

I'M JESSIE, clarity and branding coach for solopreneurs, AND I'M SO EXCITED YOU ARE HERE FOR THIS ADVENTURE. 

I help healers, coaches and creatives who long to feel fully expressed, wildly empowered, and deeply connected in their lives and businesses. They yearn to be crystal clear on their messaging, services, and niche and to have beautiful branding that brings it all together and makes soul mate clients swoon.

But right now they're buried under confusion, suffocated by information overwhelm, and held back by self doubt.

I guide clients in unearthing their unique magnetic brand message, designing drool-worthy packages and services, and sharing their purpose with confidence and courage.

I know from my own journey (and from working with women from all over the world)
that a strong business foundation is the essential bedrock for everything else that follows (think list-building, marketing, sales, and more). And without it, you'll spend your days listening to the tune of chirping crickets, spinning in circles of confusion, and taking one step forward and three steps back. Trust me... I know that place all too well!


I believe courageous women who are

being the change they wish to see in the world,
doing work that sets their heart on fire,
and sharing their gifts with courage and generosity

will change the world.

I would be honored and delighted to have the opportunity to peel back the curtain of your business and take a peek inside. If you're ready to dive two feet in, fully committed to clarity and confident leadership, then book a Profit and Purpose Discovery Call. During this free call we'll get clear on where you are now, the vision that you have for your business and life, and the hidden barriers that are currently keeping you from building a client-attracting, profit-generating, and fulfilling business. If you'd like to work together at the end of our chat, then we'll figure out what the next best step is for you and your business! 


A little Bit more about me

I spent a decade of my life immersed in the healing arts. After graduating with a degree in Medical & Spiritual Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, I went on to complete certifications as a Master Nutrition Therapist, Massage Therapist, Mind-Body Psychology Practitioner, and Yoga Teacher.

When I began my first business in 2012, I fell madly and deeply in love with everything about the process. Soon my health coaching clients were asking me for business coaching and eventually I listened to the call to follow my new-found passion - both feet in.

My background in the healing arts is highly reflected in my work as a clarity and branding coach. My approach is deeply holistic, considering the body, psyche & soul.

I believe that to be truly magnetic leaders we must give from a full cup. As women, our body is the access point to our heart and when our heart is activated and open, our business flows with ease.

When I'm not working, I'm enjoying the Montana wilderness with my man and doggies, on my yoga mat, or whipping up healthy creations in my kitchen with good tunes and a glass of wine. 

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