Are you hungry for freedom, deep fulfillment & pleasure?  

Are you ready to savor this short, precious life with a harmonious body, a clear mind, and an open heart?

 But striving for perfection and achievement at any cost has left you feeling completely burnt out, checked out, and yearning for harmony and beauty again in your body & life.

You know that you can accomplish and achieve great things, but until this point you feel like you've compromised parts of yourself, your health, and your relationships for your success.  You might find yourself struggling with things like your weight, adrenal fatigue, female hormonal imbalance, thyroid imbalance, or digestive issues.  

You want more - to feel more, be more, awaken more, and live more. And you're ready to become a conscious creator of your own life – being the change, embodying your values and purpose, and holding power with presence.  

My name is Jessie and I'm so happy you've found your way here.

I help women get present and plugged in to body wisdom.  I believe that, as women, we need an approach to radiant wellbeing that incorporates the healing power of the feminine with nature, rhythm, ritual, and body-connection. In letting go of rigid, perfection-seeking approaches, our healing journey actually becomes the doorway to the rediscovery of our truest Self. When we are rooted into our body's wisdom we become empowered to serve the planet and others from a place of love and embodied action.


I am so over the moon that I have found Jessie!! I craved this part of my spiritual journey the most ~ and she is a wealth of wisdom on so many levels. I feel like I won *The Teacher* lottery! I really like how far I have come since we started working together. My inner compass is so clear… not from the head but reallllly from my body ~ feel sooo on the same team with my body for the first time in my life.
— Laura Wood, Intuitive and Business Coach